the mrbrown show: of rain, dvds and a lucky number


Mr Tan and mrbrown shoot the breeze about the news, movies and even throw out a lucky 4D number. Find out why we think Eragon sucks and Gong Li pops.

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Podcast iconPodcast: the mrbrown show 21 Dec 2006: of rain, dvds and a lucky number (MP3, file size: 9.3mb, Time: 00:22:30)


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12 Responses to “the mrbrown show: of rain, dvds and a lucky number”

  1. pokeymoan Says:

    Sorry Mr Brown, this is boring stuff…. I was already “switched” off a quarter through the podcast. I woke up only at the last part on your lucky number ……

  2. sphgirl Says:

    I stayed on for just over 2 min, after that zzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Pls try to take this constructively. I dont mean to be malicious or nasty, but I prefer the botherhood press.

  3. brainiac Says:

    LOVE IT!!!!

  4. harshbrown Says:

    Damn sian man!

    “Aye, dun sian. Wait i summon you.”

  5. Klinsen Says:

    rofl EE-REH-GEN

  6. Bryan Says:

    Your lucky number will kena or not lol i go buy later

  7. Matsukze Says:

    lol… i was listening as i did my script for film project… the few stuff that i picked up were…
    Gong Li’s Boobs - led to me googling bout the film to check the clothes.
    eragon pronounciation - which proved pretty narrowminded.
    lucky number - which i dun tink will come out lol… wan buy buy the numbers i gave! =p see the joy’s 1st steps post!

    the rest cant remember lol…
    OH YEAH! about you guys being more professional and there not being anymore outtakes at end of podcasts and m1 podcast being data charge-free…

  8. jo Says:

    look forward to you coming to vancouver!

  9. tiokana Says:

    about that shen cha you were telling people about… its great, but its so bitter the nxt thing you eat or drink willbe ten times better…

  10. zhihao Says:



    iBet 7942 ($1 big), net winning $9!!! stater’s prize 2497

    cheers =P
    PS: may all be well and happy =)

  11. viv Says:

    7942 appeared in the following draws:
    • Starter prize on 07 Jul 02, Sunday
    • Starter prize on 31 Jan 99, Sunday
    • Starter prize on 21 Dec 91, Saturday
    • Consolation prize on 21 Jul 91, Sunday
    • Starter prize on 11 Jun 89, Sunday

    Total number of appearances: 5

  12. reversehaven Says:

    BATTLESTAR GALACTICA!!! best show on the planet yeehaw.

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