the mrbrown show: credit card for the poor

Credit Cards Accepted
Photo by h. wren

The Singapore gahmen may allow the poor to qualify for a credit card with a lower limit. This worries the “other” finance industry.

Special shoutouts to Yina and Kiat.

Podcast iconPodcast: the mrbrown show 24 Jan 2007: credit card for the poor (MP3, file size: 2.3mb, Time: 00:04:43)


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8 Responses to “the mrbrown show: credit card for the poor”

  1. hloc Says:

    How & where can I apply ??

  2. a Says:

  3. dklee Says:

    Excellent idea! Give me a Platinum!
    Who more than poor guy like me now, needs extra lines of credit.

  4. rubypanfan Says:

    hehe, could have been better if it was done as a situation skit, that NG clip at the end was a good example what! my 3 favourite mrbrown characters:

    1. Official Spokesman
    2. Seller of questionable items
    3. Ahbeng/Ahlong/Ahhuat/long ker

    oh, and Johnny too! haha. but guess we wont see him anymore.
    haha i just about named everything mb does. tt’s why i keep listening!
    keep it up! =)

  5. diversify_diversify Says:

    Do not take up the offer when its available. I used to harrassed by credit card sales person along orchard road, my answer to them would be, am not eligible and they walk away. Always use cash if possible.

  6. Weiteck The Great Says:

    Brown,I really think u have a problem with ur pod cast…it gettin a bit unreliable.
    I tried last evening & this morning to access the podcast for “y thai gov hate S’pore” & “poor’s creditcard”…
    I can’t…i tried 10x…

    I tried to download it many time & the files are only loaded till they are 80KB each then the transfer end…* then i tried to steam it, the connection was transferred to an unknown source, then cut off…***

    Wat is happening…? some aliens tappin into the podcast>>>?

    I am poor…have no other form of entertainment…I need podcasts…Ah*

  7. rubypanfan Says:

    to me its just more convenience. u know how some restaurants and shops only accept credit cards? like dat lor. its the penultimate step to a paper- and coin-less economy!

  8. Stan Says:

    Interestingly, a Saturday newspaper article estimated that lowering the annual income requirement to S$20,000 p.a. could give banks access to another 450,000 consumers and potentially expand total unsecured loans by S$2 billion.

    For you numerologists out there - a little calculation tells me that’s S$444.44 (recurring) per consumer. Another interesting factoid - S$444.44 is 88.88% (recurring) of S$500.


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