Shows being cut off

I have been getting reports that the last two shows are not completely downloading for some listeners. I apologise for your frustration. I have contacted my host and they have verified that the files are there and functioning. So no problem at the server end. I have successfully downloaded the shows from my Starhub connection at home but had some problems from my office connection via Qala for the Thailand show. So I am wondering if it has to do with the local providers.

I suggest you try downloading again to see if the problem persists, and let me know if it is still an issue. We will continue to monitor it too.

Thanks for your patience.

5 Responses to “Shows being cut off”

  1. Adrian Says:

    You can try using a download manager like flashget. I used to have this problems when I download large files like Linux installs but after I started using a download manager, everything is dandy coz its managed by the manager.

    But be forewarned that _some_ sites disallow Download Managers as they suck and hog more bandwidth.

  2. Daniel Says:

    i’m using a starhub connection too, but it still cuts off. :(

  3. k Says:

    thailand spying on us?
    like Mad magazine spy vs spy!!

  4. Loozh Says:

    No prob on my side… btw the WTF!show project teo cancel leow ah??

  5. Eugene Says:

    The China Rocks show cut off, but I deleted it and re-downloaded it and it seems to work just fine. I used iTunes for both times; the problem seems to have fixed itself.

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