the mrbrown show: more fishballs

Fishball Mee

Ivan buys a bowl of fishball noodles and gets an economics lesson. (Special thanks to Yina for the Chinese translation and Ryan “Tony Leung” for doing the Chinese role!)

English version:

Chinese version:

Podcast iconPodcast: the mrbrown show 26 Feb 2007: more fishballs (MP3, stereo, file size: 3mb, Time: 00:03:12)

Podcast: the mrbrown show 26 Feb 2007: more fishballs Chinese version (MP3, stereo, file size: 2.5mb, Time: 00:02:38)


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35 Responses to “the mrbrown show: more fishballs”

  1. Jaron Says:

    Hahhaa…. the chinese version is so weird and funny…

  2. MOCHS Says:

    Yeah, I agree.

  3. rain Says:


  4. ho Says:

    Who is the one who speak chinese other than mrbrown?
    issit the same person as the english one?

  5. yinah Says:

    hmmm … i think the buy fishball one sounds soooo mild, unlike his usual self..

  6. Desmond Lim Says:

    so true, so true. Mr Brown et al. You hit the nail on the head again.

  7. Weiteck The Great Says:

    think havin versions in language other than english is good…better reach for the older, non-english educated group.

    Mr B, i propose that u do multi languages for podcasts that have more sociaty awareness messages…

  8. Wen Long Says:

    Refreshing to hear Brown speak mandarin

    Hua Yu Cool!


  9. fm Says:

    I want hokkien version. :D

  10. wenjin Says:

    We want more hokkien/chinese mr brown shows with censored swear words!

  11. apple Says:

    大家好, 我是mrbrown。 欢迎你收听 the mrbrown show。 今天的节目是很特别的, 因为我第一次用华语来录音。 谢谢。

    这个 show 是 制作的。 起价huh。 OK。

  12. DOM the clown Says:

    Mr Brown 加油!!!

    Please consider doing your future shows with this extra Chinese (or Tamil or Malay) fishball!


  13. Kim Says:

    Actually where got singaporean speak chinese like tat one… like oral exam siah. Must add more singlish & hokkien. Keep it up!

  14. Dav Says:

    Love the mandarin version.

  15. Des Says:

    一极棒啊 Mr Brown ! 一针见血.

  16. apache Says:

    Great work brother!

  17. SinkyHonky Says:



  18. leenewt Says:

    Nice chinese version…do a more local Hokkien version……that will be neat…

  19. LOL Says:

    LOL. THe chinese version rite, the Hougang if say as Hong Gan more funny.. like this:

    你不喜欢,你去 ” HONG GAN” 啦!

  20. abao Says:

    haha…interesting and true. the chinese one needs some improvements though ^_^

  21. Janey Says:

    A big round of applause for Mr Brown. The Chinese version 有水准, ok! It is obvious that from the comments you get, you will become quite popular with the Chinese only listeners as well. Why not do more podcasts in Chinese?

  22. brainiac Says:

    so many comments to “Speak good chinese!” - but no one says “Speak good english?”

  23. Eel Says:

    Kudos on the Chinese version MB, loved it!

  24. wizzman Says:

    well said man!! But life’s like that..wat the gamun says..we accept cos they hv all the top brains there…:)

  25. glimpse Says:

    Dear Brown & team,

    This is definitely a showcase of “one up manship” from your “bak chor mee” and it goes to show you are indeed more creative and connected than our “topman’s” effort during last NDR speech!


  26. HaHaHa Says:

    Thank you! Thank you! Deep bows for humour plus wit to reflect societal issues :-) Thanks also for multilingual version… hope to show my old folks one day!

  27. ginger Says:

    the chinese version is so cute!!!!!

  28. duskbin Says:

    Chinese version is nice.

  29. Nice Says:

    i love the way u make podcasts which indirectly criticizes the (u noe what…) great job.

  30. プリシラー Says:

    The parallel drawn was seamless (esp the English version). Totally cracked me up! Good try with the Chinese version. =) Keep it up guys!

  31. ahyam Says:

    this is abit late tho. but damn… the last part was OMG LA! LOL!!! potong pasir and hougang. nice one. lol!

  32. TanKK Says:

    Straits Times 11/9/2008: $53 for a bowl of laksa, $94 for chicken rice, $144 for chilli crab. There are still way to go.

  33. leo Says:

    Wahahah typical ACS Chinese! WOOT!

  34. Anon Says:

    BRAVO!!! Chinese version i can let my mother listen…she’ll definitely be so amused! :) Hokkien version coming up?

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