Conversations: This is Mr Tan’s Ass

Mr Tan's Ass

This is part of our occasional Conversations series, and this time Mr Tan from the mrbrown show talks to us about his ass, colonoscopy, and the risks of colon cancer.

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6 Responses to “Conversations: This is Mr Tan’s Ass”

  1. mrtan Says:

    hey guys, wanted to also add
    thanks to all the well wishers from the other posts
    and many thanks to the beautiful nurses of Ward 16 Changi GH for looking after me and my ass - and for the surgeons Dr Kevin and Dr Chen of CGH and for the team at A&E that kept me conscious when i had serious blood loss.
    This podcast is dedicated to all of you. Please spread the word and help everyone reduce the risk of colon cancer. Talk to your friends and family. it’s a sensitive subject but once you get over it, it could save someone’s life. :)

    mr tan !

  2. VFKK Says:

    Kind of remind me of a southpark episode.

    Glad to listen you again, take care of yourself. Hope to hear you and your sarcasm soon in the upcoming podcast.

  3. Mark chow Says:

    Wow, Even Ass can be talk about, what other things? what else? How about those Under 21 and above 21 one?

  4. spyder55 Says:

    As a doctor, I find the podcast informative and great. Especially the part about vibrating tubes in No. 1’s. Never thought of it that way when I insert one :). But there are some factual inaccuries, eapecially with regards colonoscopy as a general screening tool and the schedule for future colonoscopies. But still, rock on!

  5. mrtan Says:

    hey doc spyder we’ll be happy to correct any factual inaccuracies, please send the corrections to mrbrown (at) so that we can get the right info out. thanks!!!

  6. Purple Says:

    Glad u are alright. :)
    My bro encourtered the same thing few months ago. He’s ok too. But he said the nurses wasn’t “gentle” at all with him.. haha :p

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