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A call from the best computer servicing company in the world! This is our last episode of this season! We’re taking a season break and will be back soon! 1st of June 2007, to be exact. Meantime, do listen to, and the old faves. We will be airing some of the old favourites during the break, so watch for them!

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28 Responses to “the mrbrown show: Zeus Computer Company”

  1. Listener from TW Says:

    A season break? how do you distinguish seaons in S’pore? I understand you guys also need a break from time to time. Ah well, looking forward to your “new season” producitons. you know lots listeners( or even fans) await.

  2. shifty Says:

    lol, zeus computer company…. lol.. :o

  3. NickLim Says:

    So… When will the next show be up?

  4. mush Says:

    nice one. why you all call it w-t-f show instead of what it really stands for ah.

  5. Ax Says:

    brilliant analogy!

  6. fynyx Says:

    We’re going to miss you all at the show, until you’re back.

    Have a good break, see you around, and hear you soon!

  7. GEP Freak Says:

    Please don’t make your break so long. Sob…

  8. DOM the Clown Says:

    No show until 1st June???!!!!
    Help!!! I can’t breathe!!!

  9. Wenjin Says:

    May 1 2007 is one year after the birth of Bak chor mee podcast!

  10. shawn Says:

    Mr Brown, why is everything increasing? Transport fare, GST, the pay, then now COE, what is next?

  11. mrdareklam Says:

    wah lau eh. .. chiow gah lao sai.. thanks mr brown and co.

  12. strawberryshortcake Says:

    Gah, how to survive this Mid-years/prelims period without MrBrownShows?! Come back quickly! (:

  13. Wj Says:

    Lol… intresting…

    Zeus Computer company, representing the PAP because Zeus always carries his lightning bolt. No prizes for guessing what “the Hammer Computer Company” represents.

  14. etben Says:

    pls bring back zhng my car………..

  15. Tay Tian Seng Says:

    Ha ha ha ha. You know, I know enought la. Wah, take a break and the timing abit like ang mo, summer break? Have a good break and warmest to everyone, ah ter, ah kow and whoever.

  16. rr Says:

    the guy sounded a tad bit jaded.
    do go for a break..

  17. Mr Yellow Says:

    Siong, my exam preparation no Mr Brown… Siao liao la!!!

  18. TL Says:

    Lol…base on the similar line of thinking, the chunkier, older and expensive “software” should be uninstall to free up disk space for better purposes! Also, one should not install Vista since it requires much more resources but does the same things for decades :)

    Do come back soon after the break!

  19. Internet Empire Says:

    Great Job. Keep it up. Missing your Podcast for a Month. :-)

  20. HaHaHa Says:

    Thanks, for the wonderful finale of the season *yeah*. Look forward to your return.

  21. zepe Says:

    hmm quite impressive… lots of proxy talking!! heeehe

  22. Oldy Says:

    Apt graphic…..”by deleteing old and uncessary files”….
    an oblique reference to the ‘overseas’ retirement homes?

  23. Homer Simp Says:

    Why must you go away for so long? fasdter put up all the old favorites in NEW HIGH Quality! Yay!:)
    But I too bored liao. I WANT MRBROWNSHOWS!

  24. Wynx Says:

    So who’s the CEO of Zeus Computer?

  25. laoahgong Says:

    lol….took me about 1 hour to figure out wat it means…..tat was a good 1 =)

  26. J Says:

    so many things popping up recently…..we need u back LOL

  27. kikumaru Says:

    lol..”zeus computer conpany” “hammer computer company”…gud one…everything is going up..o.0… n i din noe singapore got seasons one…not all the same meh? xD

  28. Eric Leng Says:

    This podcast is a classic. You’re a legend.

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