the mrbrown show: foreign housing

Foreign Housing
Photo by E8Club

We’ve got great living arrangements for our foreign talent!

Podcast iconPodcast: the mrbrown show 27 June 2007: foreign housing (MP3, file size: 2mb, Time: 00:04:04)


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11 Responses to “the mrbrown show: foreign housing”

  1. zhihao Says:

    mb, broken link, cannot listen to the mp3 as of 0925hrs SGT

  2. SEO Singapore Says:

    Yes, so many taxi drivers have complained to me that it seems that more and more foreigners are living in condominimums while Singaporeans pack the pigeon holes. :-)

  3. SEO Singapore Says:


    The mp3 links are not working. Please check.

  4. mb Says:

    Hi, we’ve fixed it, thanks! Sorry for the trouble.

  5. SEO Singapore Says:

    Thanks, great job. “-” and “_” can be such a big difference. Just want to give you the due recognition.

    One small difference anybody makes will have a great impact on the history of Singapore. You are the pride of Singapore! :-)

  6. Alan Says:

    Dear boy!! :)

    Can’t u simplify your stuff so idiots like myself can open / read /et cetera without button-pushing hassle ??

    Link this, link that — horrendous!!!!

    Can send me a simple type-written message re foreign housing??

    Can?? Can lah!!! :)


  7. fynyx Says:

    mrbrown & friends,

    I had to play the ending at the end several times, to catch the joke, after which, I could have rotflol!

    For the sake of the hearing challenged:
    amenity a manatee a dugong

    What a sea of cow! X-P

  8. fynyx Says:

    On a more serious note, especially in connection to -SEO Singapore- (June 27th, 2007 at 10:44 am), what’s happening here could be becoming:
    - sleeping with outsiders
    - sold out to the world

    Of course, the continuing “logical argument” coming down the road, in the years ahead, is that non-citizens & -residents are not allowed to get pigeon holes - that remains something proudly Singaporean.

    And anyway, the argument continues, we were never really locals here, being descendants of migrant workers of earlier centuries.
    The older, obsolete ex-migrants must now give way to the shiny, brand new current ones.

    We might just see this growing - the gap between “natives” and “foreigners”, i.e. we heartlanders are going the way of Australian aborigines & native Americans.

  9. mr. white Says:

    “we heartlanders are going the way of Australian aborigines & native Americans”

    with the only difference there that you are talking about indigenous people that have roamed their lands for thousands of years. As opposed to people here screaming “too full” that likely had only a few generations ago family members that were on the receiving end of those comments.

  10. Fahim uz Zaman Says:

    But seriously lah! go and check out the condition of foreign workers in Gulf countries. They have to brave the climate of over 50 degrees during peak season. Some of them have not been to their homes for over 10 years! This is true and I am not kidding. Most of them spend their entire life in the dessert constructing hotels and palaces for the sheikhs and when they reach their retirement age their sons replace them. This is how the conditions are there in Gulf countries. Compared to that construction workers are very well treated in Singapore. This is based on my conversations with them in Singapore. I believe that government is doing a good job ensuring that minimum standards are met by the contractors. It does not mean that they can not be improved. I believe what is really needed is a realisation among us, the ordinary Singaporeans that these fellows are humans like us and have the same feelings like us. Do you remember that how aunties refuse to move to the window seat until asked clearly by the construction worker. Did we ever realise that when we frawn at the smelly construction workers, we are actually refusing to acknowledge the hardwork they are doing on our behalf. Furthermore we forget to learn from them. Although they do not get salaries comparable to Singaporeans, these construction workers are able to save the money every month to send it back to their families in India, China, Vietnam and Bangladesh and when they go back they shop at our stores which generate for the Singaporeans.

  11. Haha! Says:

    one dugong…haha! Damn funny lah mr. brown

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