Conversations: NZ’s PA Radio - Mr Brown on Mr Brown

Russell Brown of New Zealand’s Public Access Radio, talks to me about politics, podcasting and satire. Note: contains food metaphors. Produced by and aired on the NZ radio station.

Podcast iconPodcast: the mrbrown show 10 July 2007: PA Radio - Mr Brown on Mr Brown (MP3, file size: 7.4mb, Time: 00:15:54)


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14 Responses to “Conversations: NZ’s PA Radio - Mr Brown on Mr Brown”

  1. "Dr.Bob" Says:

    Brown, something wrong with the mp3? Cause it is in fast forward mode (chip munk voice)

  2. Desmond Lim Says:

    oh i so love his statement of “… it will be fair to describe the city state’s media as lame.” so true, so true.

  3. mb Says:

    Dr Bob, I re-encoded the mp3 and it should work now. Seems the problem only shows up if you play it on the site itself. But now all is fine. Thanks!

  4. fynyx Says:

    Congratulations, mrbrown, you’re on New Zealad radio!

    I find much food for thought, in Russell (Brown) commenting on the rich local flavour of your podcasts, where the Internet is supposed to make media global.

    It brings to my mind, the Club of Rome’s call, for world citizens to “Think Global, Act Local”.

    It also drives home the serious responsibilities of what we do online, how we constantly reflect on the influence we have on everyone,
    and the long hours of silent struggle, behind the scenes, to get the right things communicated.

    All the best for the future!

  5. DOM the Clown Says:

    Dear Mr Brown,

    3 Cheers to you! Hip Hip Hooray! Hip Hip Hooray! Hip Hip Hip….Hooray!!!

    Fly Singapore flag high in NZ!


  6. Sebastian Says:

    Well Done, Mr Brown! for taking the message to the world. I am in a Singaporean in Paris and it really warms my heart. Keep it going, don’t ever stop. Have fun in NZ.

  7. mee siam insulted Says:

    i love it that u can keep ur singaporean accent without succumbing to some psuedo american/ australian/british accent…. unlike alot of insecure singaporeans who lack identity

  8. Analyst Says:

    Well Done Mr Brown~ Clap clap~ =)

  9. Fahim uz Zaman Says:

    Really love the conversation. Now I got the joke of mei hump. I watched your show in parliament but didnt get the joke. After you explained it in the show I know what it is. Actually I eat “No Pork No Lard” so dunno about it. But brilliant keep up the good work. By the way beauty of your show is that I can listen to it as and when I want. I was busy in the work during the last few days and listened to all the podcasts today.

  10. dilbert Says:

    If you visit the seletar club, the mee siam there got “hum”

  11. jack ang Says:

    Hey let me know when u r here in Auckland.. I can show you around.. my mobile is (number deleted).. i should be signing up for that conference..

  12. Jay Says:

    i love mr brown

  13. Stayer staying elsewhere Says:

    Good on you for being so “real” in that interview ! lol ! the mee siam mai hum podcast was hilarious ! Perhaps I should sign up for the Bananas conference just to catch up with you ! Way to go Mr Brown !!! Been in NZ for 5 yrs now . Still very much in touch with the SG scene and you’ve been instrumental in helping me keep in touch. Thanks for all you’ve done for the S’pore blogging scene !

  14. Junwei Says:

    dis 1 oso cannopen file

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