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Radio New Zealand

I was on Kathryn Ryan’s Nine to Noon show and we had a nice live chat on New Zealand radio. You can listen to a podcast of the 30-minute interview that aired after the 10am news today.

Click the show entitled “Feature Guest - Lee Kin Mun” from the Nine to Noon page.

OR get the podcast MP3 directly here: MP3 link

OR you can subscribe to the podcast feed of the radio program with this url:

4 Responses to “mrbrown on Radio New Zealand National!”

  1. "Dr." Bob Says:

    The reason why the new generation with higher education and wider exposure, you don’t see young generation questioning the way government is functioning mainly due to the fact that in order to have someone to come up to speak, that particular person would tend to be more charming, witty and intelligent. The problem is that these group of young generation had already been recruited into the administration instead and pay with similar rewards compare to the outside industry but with less work.
    With all these people ended up in the administration, how would you expect there would be anyone questioning the way how the government functions?

  2. hijacker9173 Says:

    Well done~!

    Mr. Brown for doing Singaporeans Proud~!!
    Keep up the Good Work~!!

  3. Yenyen Says:

    Being a Singaporean living in New Zealand, I have come to tuly appreciate the efforts of the government in keeping Singapore safe, economically robust and culturally vibrant. Singaporeans have access to good and high quality education and affordable housing. Much as I disagree with some of the government’s policies, I have come to accept the good with the not-so-good - hey there is no perfect government right? I think the Singapore government is doing a good job and the lack of credible opposition has allowed the country to move forward much quicker than many other nations because less time and energy is wasted on debating policies and defending characters. Granted, there must be an avenue for opposing views and the PAP government must accept and consider these so that the nation can make decisions with all factors considered, but there are some things that just need to start at the word ‘go’. NZ parliament debates for years over the building of a stadium because every citizen, councillor, political party, even youths have to be consulted! Man, it is just a stadium! Get on with it and move on to more important stuff like the crime rate, the increasingly unaffordable housing, the slipping education quality, the nation’s unhealthy obsession with alcohol and the dangerously inadequate healthcare!
    The PAP government has shown a willingness and effort to become more consultative and are changing to meet the demands of globalisation. This will allow Singapore to continue to prosper and its citizens to become resilient in the changing world .

  4. fynyx Says:

    Once again, it’s great to hear mrbrown at his natural best, speaking honestly from his heart, neither reading out feel-good script, nor disparaging Singapore & our government unnecessarily just to fit the complaining stereotype.

    -”Dr.” Bob- (August 23rd, 2007 at 1:52 pm), not all of “the younger generation” can & will fit into the regimen of civil administrative careers, and not just the “younger” ones can & will continue to speak up for what they feel is right.
    If that were so, I wouldn’t be responding here to your reply.

    -Yenyen- (August 24th, 2007 at 7:45 am), your alternative view, as a Singaporean abroad, is a welcome & relief contrast to the complaining culture back here, as evidenced in the way even National Day Parade this year was cruelly & narrow-mindedly panned.
    I believe that New Zealand and our country continue to have a mutually enriching learning process — I get the feeling that Kathryn Ryan on Nine to Noon also gained much understanding, through working with mrbrown, on the way things are done on our little diamond.
    More balance like this continues to be needed, for the Singapore online & global community, to gain independent respectability, free of fear & favour from the powers that be.

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