the mrbrown show: medisave lucky draw


What’s better than 4D and Toto? The Medisave Lucky Draw!

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8 Responses to “the mrbrown show: medisave lucky draw”

  1. DOM the Clown Says:

    Dear Mr Brown,
    Wah! The nurse’s part is very authentic leh! Once, overheard at the polyclinic (almost like your nurse/ah mah):


    no response…….

    nurse: MONICA CHNG!!!!

    still no response………………………

    nurse: OI!!! MONICA CHNG CHIN SONG!!!!!

    …… ex-staff from OCBC came forward……

    hiak! hiak! hiak!

  2. Ah Jan Says:

    This is funny….especially when the nurse goes…”Number TWENNNTY NIIIIINNNNNEEEEE”


    Sigh…why are we in this society? Dun misunderstand me…i love the & treasure the security & peace in Singapore…but…sigh…what a price to pay….

  3. halfwit Says:

    is it me or did you guys pronouce winner as wiener? ahaha

  4. family man Says:

    Dear Mr Brown,
    I read this - this poor chap has $28,000 in medisave and can’t touch this for his heart medication - unless he suffers another heart attack - what a sad joke….

  5. Photolicious Says:

    This is absolutely hilarious. I’ve noticed that wheelchair guy poster at MRT stations and haven’t taken a close look at it. So this is what it’s all about. Freaking funny! I work in the ad industry and well, I guess sometimes this is how we glorify things.


  6. TAlive Says:

    In my last meeting when working as outdoor sales for an overseas security system company, the boss announced that a lucky draw will be thrown in to boost sales among the sales agencies.
    I flipped.
    I’ve nothing against lucky draw per se. Though I’m appalled often by the any-trick-will-do-die-die-must-sell gimmicks used by this security syst co.

    I left that co., that job, that day. After that meeting. :P

  7. T-miester Says:

    Thank you for this hilarious entertainment. It perks up my boring day. I look forward to more of such kind.

  8. sotsh Says:

    JUst wanted to share this. I can fully relate to this podcast.

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