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12 Responses to “the mrbrown show: this is duh news again”

  1. zero Says:


    here’s a crazy idea… just bear with me. what if the gahment doesn’t want to give you back your CPF because it’s no longer there? has anyone actually read a report or heard what the gahment actually invests in with the CPF? how much return on investment have they made by investing everyone’s hard earned money?

  2. Hear hear Says:

    Mr Brown and gang,

    Love this particular podcast. I’ve given up reading the papers since every other article is in some way or other related to “convincing” the populace that we need the cpf changes. Kudos to well done parody of our ridiculous Need-to-be-Strait-jacketed Times.

  3. baa Says:

    CPF has been tested and found to be working on sheeps

    yea, right, true, so really possible, LOL!

  4. Ah Jan Says:

    wah..first time in front of queue…#2!!

  5. HaHaHa Says:

    Thanks, mb! Very funny. I will cash out my CPF when I get my new citizenship elsewhere. Start withdrawing only at 85 and need to live another 20 years (i.e. 105) to enjoy the full sum of my own contribution to Compuslory Annuity? Aiyah, migrate easier lah!

  6. kucu Says:

    Moral of the story from Mr Browns news is ….. if you don’t have any erectile problems you don’t need longevity insurance

  7. SPHerical Says:

    SPH = Singapore Propaganda Holdings

  8. johnny is the best « BERITA HAIRAN @ KMPNGDSN Says:

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  9. Ex-NSmen Says:

    And you know what is sad about all these? There are people actually believing everything they read in our local (propaganda) newspaper. How sad.

  10. Dr Chan Says:

    Sure, it’s good and convenient for the government. I would come up with the same ideas even if you don’t pay me $1m a year. How do we know that the system works well for the people? What do we compare it with?

  11. tian diao xia lai Says:

    great work.
    brainwashing day in day out.

  12. JT Says:

    that’s why i stop watching singapore drama. it is just full of propaganda and my mum believes them. i rolled my eyes and tell her ‘whatever you see on tv, around 30% are true. the rest are not’

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