the mrbrown show: the rock 2: pedra branca

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Get ready for the biggest blockbuster this season!

Podcast iconPodcast: the mrbrown show 23 November 2007: the rock 2: pedra branca Download MP3 (MP3, stereo, file size: 2.53mb, Time: 00:02:53)


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14 Responses to “the mrbrown show: the rock 2: pedra branca”

  1. DOM the Clown Says:

    Dear Mr Brown,
    MDA should get you as consultant man! You Rock!


  2. fynyx Says:

    And suddenly when the little pet rock comes to life,
    someone’s lost fishing boats,
    and usually invisible & insignificant bloggers & Wikipedia,
    become main section news.

    We’re throwing everything we can at this,
    including the proverbial kitchen sink.
    Proudly kiasu, doing all we can, huge & tiny.

  3. Clement Says:

    I’ll definitely catch e screening of the ROCK 2 if its in e cinemas. CHEERS!

  4. Yo Yo Yo Says:

    Mr. Brown, make more podcast about Odex too!

    Hot topic in Singapore now

  5. Ah Hong Says:

    Hi Mr Brown, can do something on MP Fatimah’s Geylang backlane light up on 23 -11-07. It was on 24-11-07 Straits Times. The picture looks like a pros walking pass the lighted backlane with an Indian guy looking. I guess it the first in the world we ‘encourage’ backlane activities. Lighting up the backlane to prevent illegal activities ? or for ‘customers’ to see the girls clearer… Cheers Ah Hong

  6. yy Says:

    somehow i was expecting scissors paper stone. hahaha.

  7. Analyst Says:

    Whaha… sounds like another “blockbuster”.


  8. jo Says:

    hmm.. a different style from the norm. very nicely done and entertaining. would be good if it could be made longer though.

  9. Edward Says:

    good parody, the way the normal movies do it.
    Hahahaha ^^

  10. Two Countries and a Blog « Used Brains For Sale Says:

    […] November 29, 2007 by pleinelune I was looking up the Pedra Banca for International Law, and I came across this and this. I think it has already made its rounds in the bloggosphere, but I must have missed it. I am ashamed to admit I have not been following the Pedra Banca issue in the papers with the interest every law student should possess. Mostly because I hate reading ST, and secondly because of exams. I didn’t even get the mountain reference in the MrBrown show because of that. […]

  11. Leuchtturm Says:

    as a matter IN fact our orang laut already chup the place long long time ago. they use the pulau batu puteh to do their business when nature calls because they dont want to pollute the water where they fish. dont believe me, dig all the rocks and you will find the fossil waste as evidence.

  12. rich4747 Says:

    Maybe there is oil beneath the island!! That’s why we are fighting so hard for it, cos it will become a new resource for us! LOL

  13. Goodman Says:

    if it is ours, we shld claim it.

  14. JackoLantern Says:

    This is like 1 of only podcast with comments of the people behind the government. From this we can see.. Singaporeans dont hate the government, just waiting for an outside enemy then we can show solidarity n fight togetherwith our leaders… but once no enemy… we get too restless and fight with our leaders…..

    Morale of the story: Thank you Malaysia! may u give us more trouble so we can strengthen Singaporeans

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