the mrbrown show: operation jamban investigation

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The long arm of the law reaches out and flushes out dangerous criminals!

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46 Responses to “the mrbrown show: operation jamban investigation”

  1. benson Says:

    LOL. damn the lame team.

  2. david Says:

    Another No.1 prehaps - FIRST to let the “FISH” loose? It has always been wanting to be a hub of almost anything… how about a hub for terrorist escaping? Those terrors may be sitting back, relaxing and laughing their butts off when they see or hear this? LOL

  3. SunShine Says:

    LOL, the news network (Kampong News Network) is cool ..

  4. dkps Says:

    Now the joke is on Sillypore

  5. Amused and Confused Says:

    Channel NewsAsia - Sunday, March 2

    Did he ( Tharman Shanmugaratnam) really say that

    “From the initial reactions, Singaporeans are confident that Mas Selamat will be found, but more importantly this is an opportunity where Singaporeans are coming together, reassuring each other and also reassuring the Malay—Muslim community who have themselves taken the lead.”

    Can be interpreted to read
    “Dont worry we will catch him sooner or later if not the Indonesian or the Malaysian can do the dirty job.”
    ” Look on the bright side, it is more important that by letting this Selamat guy go out for a while, we can really get the nation to jell. So we should table in parliament that we need to let out out a few more. Then the nation will really rock with cooperation and bonding.

    Trying to get so many people to reassure themselves and others at the same time is not so easy and requires alot convincing that we indeed have a “world class” security !!!!!

    This is indeed a true test of our leaders and what they are capable of saying !!! with or without the scripts? Actually I still cannot decide if it was scripted.

    The first circular distributed decscribed the guy as 1.58m SHORT. ??? so he is not tall OK?

    In Wong Kan Seng’s case, we know it was definitely prepared as he was reading from a couple of sheets of paper.

    Crack lines seem to emerging.

  6. Edwin Says:

    L.A.M.E = Locating And Apprehending Missing Escapee!

    Hahaha…It’s so lame!

  7. adeline Says:

    So sad. A sad day or should I say a sad week of discoveries of many things, amongst which is the value of guarding jambans all the time, especially those used by Singapore’s Most Wanted!

    Which is more pathetic?

    A very pathetic Home Team OR
    very pathetic Singaporeans who have to listen to pathetic lame excuses and speeches from some very pathetic people trying to appear not pathetic at all to pathetic reporters who are pathetically used to release pathetic news to cover up pathetic lame actions and explanations!

    A red tiny HUB of World class pathetic people indeed.

    So sad too that Singaporeans are taken to be stupid.
    Why should the INTERPOL be notified if all the jambans guardians are so sure that Singapore’s most dangerous is still on this island to use more jambans??? If this is the case, there is no need to show the world Singapore’s pathetic face in the area of World Class Security!

  8. adeline Says:

    The definition of HAZE in Singapore: a covering for limping terrorists to escape. :))

  9. Clement Says:

    It’s really HIGH time 4 a hike in minister’s pay. Cos only with an even HIGHER pay can they effectively carry out their duties.

  10. Amused and Confused Says:

    Did He really say that in CNA Channel NewsAsia - Monday, March 3 , Assistant Commissioner Wong Hong Kuan, Director of Operations?

    AC Wong urged the public to be extra vigilant Mas Selamat could have stolen a knife to arm himself and to report any thefts immediately.

    GIVE US A BREAK !!! Careful he might pee on you too. Worst still, he might have Diarrhoea.

    AC Wong said the priority in “the first few hours” was to step up border security and get the search going. “We needed to be sure of what was actually happening, before giving out information. In any operation, we always refine our tactics, including managing communications to the public.”

    yes i guess it should take about 4 Hours to confirm that he indeed is not in the toilet !!! and also to decide that he is actually 1.58m short and not 1.58m tall to communicate properly to everybody. Great tactics !!! I am sure there are reasons for the silence and I am quite sure that it can be better articulated than what was communicated and reported.

    I am a typical reticent singaporean malleable and not voiceferous but it is shocking if not disturbing - the reality that this episode exposes, our reputation, the pride of our nation…. I really just cannot help but be critical and let it all out.

    Maybe it is better to have a gag order then reading all these comments which seem to make us look in even worse state than what we already in. Worst still, some statements really treat the public like fools. Yes it is indeed a sad sad week for all of us in Singapore. Even if we find and catch Selamat now, he has already inflicted much damage to our country : (

  11. unknown Says:

    World Class Security, lost a wanted man ,like that how to host .youth olympics

  12. Ashleigh Says:

    Lols, this is damn funny :)

  13. Dr Chan Says:

    “If he comes back to use the toilet, we’ll certainly catch him”. Haha …

  14. clw Says:

    Can make twice a week PLZZZ.

  15. Weiteck The Great Says:

    I wonder why a man labeled “Extreme Dangerous” and “a national threat” to be placed in a Detention centre & not a prison…?

    It’s like old ah mah place her gold jewellery in her post box @ the void deck….expecting her valuable to be safe…

  16. andain Says:

    next time, charge the detainees 1 cents to go into toilet lah.
    like that no money cannot go toilet lor!

  17. zw lim Says:

    put them on pulau hantu

  18. Ah Wong Says:

    Eh, just heard from an insider info hor, that Osama Bin Laden wana surrender himself to Singapore leh. So that in future when time for his plan to be executed comes, he can have the luxury to WALK out of this place without fear of getting caught by the LAME team.

  19. lorrytyre Says:

    everyone makes mistakes sometimes. we need to apprehend the dude soon….the “reputation” we had is fading as each day passes.

    anyway, yesterday’s chinese newspaper stated that it was partially due to a building structure fault. (didnt have the details, just read the news headline)

    like the “weapon taken out from camp” issue, these just made up the agendas for somebody’s next meeting. more SOPs to write!

    no toilet breaks in between visits, no toilet breaks except in their own cell toilets!

    nothing is perfect, nor can be perfect.

  20. meepoktah Says:

    Let’s see whose head is gonna roll for this screw up. One thing is for damn sure, it’s not gonna be WKS’s!

    Let’s move on! It was the jamban’s fault!

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  22. passo john Says:

    I strongly believe he is still in Singapore. He just went out to buy some toilet paper. Detention camp’s toilet got no paper lah.

  23. sickening Says:

    I think one of the most outstanding way to distinguish him is not his limp but his lips, ah! cnt hide his unusal bee stung top lip. Tke a gd look at his lips again,dont u think its not very proportionate?

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  25. jael Says:

    world class security VS limping terrorist .
    Result - 0 : 1
    hilarious !

  26. sickening Says:

    obviously had diahrroea , thats why took 4 hrs !

  27. L.A.M.E. Says:

    Yes!!! we must support our million $ minister cos he loves million $ mistake. Or maybe another million into minister’s paycheck to capture the fugitive in Johor.

    …. Mas, selamat datang johor…..

  28. chet Says:

    This is really funny. I had a good laugh.

    “Maybe he went to the toilet for a big one” lol.

    About that police recuit ad in the papers recently with the sprinter running and transforming into a cop, I found it hilarious from the very first time I saw it. I was telling my girlfriend that they should change the caption to..

    “Do you like running? Here’s your chance. Be a Cop!!!”


  29. selamat Says:

    lol . selamat in malay is SAFETY or something like that… lol

    here’s a joke my friend told me::
    why would mas selamat want to go to m’sia?
    cos everywhere it says Selamat Datang!!

    [datang :: welcome]


  30. home team or hopeless team? Says:

    why gaman deploy 1000+ police & soldiers to catch a limping unarmed person and only deploy 200 officers to track down a person with a stolen rifle and live rounds? who is more dangerous?

    because gaman people kia-si meh, unarmed limping man can’t do much, whereas, man with rifle and bullet can shot!

  31. HTB Says:

    Sigh… millions of $$$ spent on Gov agencies upgrading and promotions, yet toilets at ISA detention centre are neglected is it???

  32. lorrytyre Says:

    frankly speaking….its a tough challenge for the authorities to look for him and thats why they are so critical at putting up posters everywhere to jio the “bounty hunters”.

    to be able to escape successfully from the dc, be it his skill or (un)in-valiantness, u had to think, he would be so foolish to get caught again so easily.

    i wonder if the authority can appeal to the dude to come back by using his own family ties…i mean if he thinks his family is more important than his beliefs, i had nothing to say.

    what can terrorism achieved in the end? nothing in this era. NIL.
    its a belief for the stone age era, that might have worked.

  33. Chill Says:

    funny clip on operation jambun — never thought this cliched escape would happen in Singapore.. just shows that i’m a complacent Singaporean who always have faith in our men-in-blue.

    do singaporeans look united? for me, everyday is just another day. i drag my ass to work, work, then drag my ass home. not really concerned about whether my bus/train will get hijacked by terrorists, even not concerned if the person sitting next to me is Mas Selamat or not… blast me for all i care, cos really, i don’t care.

    i wonder what happened to my Total Defence lessons in school (like 6 years ago)? oh ya, all i remember was borrowing ethnic costumes from frens then dress up for that one day. Dazzling colours…. wonder if this is still the practice in schools now, other than the grilled sweet potatoes they force spoilt teenagers to eat…

    My thoughts are that MS has left Singapore, Singaporeans don’t care because we have to earn money to keep up with rising rising rising costs, our law enforcers are losing ‘face’ with every second that passes, and MS’ frens are applauding him and looking at ways to target our country.

    Last thought is scary huh??

  34. Matthew Ong Says:

    I think you guys are doing a great job getting key messages out in a light hearted way.

    I don’t know if you guys take in requests but really the spiraling cost of living in Singapore is getting ridiculous. I know you guys have done quite a bit on the rising costs going back to even last year, but in just the last 2 months of this year the cost increases has been so out of this world. I am beginning to think that our Ministers are blind to it or they chose to be blind to it. Perhaps they need to spend some of that huge pay increase they just had to get some spectacles made or maybe a hearing aid, coz they obviously don’t hear too well either.

    From rising food, transportation and medical costs to putting up more ERP gantries (I guess they need the added revenue - oh, I forget, ERP isn’t meant to do that but to regulate traffic flow and ease congestion!) to increasing GST to ending up with a surplus of more than $40 million. But that’s not the bad news! The bad news is that the pleas of the common folk is not heard and when MPs raise such concerns to the various ministers in charge, such concerns are deftly explained away. I don’t think I can recall a time when a minister in parliament would say that he or she would look into a concern raised by an MP? Or maybe, that isn’t allowed or too unbecoming of a minister to admit that a policy might need err…correction.

    I think it’s become a waste of time to raise anything up; it’s not going to get addressed - they will just explain it away. They listen but do not hear. They talk too much when they should be listening; so what’s the point of giving feedback. I don’t believe their requests for feedback is sincere.

    If there is one thing I could wish of our present generation of leaders, it would be - please just stop for a second and LISTEN, I mean really LISTEN. I believe if they did this sincerely, they might really learn a thing or two instead of thinking they know it all.

    They don’t have to travel about in a bus or take the train or queue up for treatment in a hospital or the OPD clinics. They should try doing that for a week. Some of us have to do that for 52 weeks in a row!

  35. VFKK Says:

    MP: I am sorry for the lapse in security.

    Public: Sorry is not enough, you must explain why.

    MP: Explain why what?

    Public: Explain why there was a lapse in security and how did a dangerous terrorist escaped.

    MP: Okay, I am so sorry, please accept my sincer apology if the lapse in security have caused distress or confusion to you, the general public. It’s only a dangerous terrorist, let’s move on…

    Public: Move on you si nan tao! My country is still, Sorry also must explain why.

    MP: Explain why what?

    Public: Explain why there was a lapse in security and how did a dangerous terrorist escaped.

    MP: Okay, I am so sorry, I am so sorry…

    Public: Sorry also must explain…

  36. merrell Says:

    i think is time we follow Penang…. vote for the opposition…. haha

  37. amused anf confused Says:

    Wa Lau eh - How come nobody commented it was only after 4 days? that they release info what he might be wearing.

    I am even more confused and amused because the Police now after telling the public , warns that it might be quite stale news as he might changed his clothes by now. This drip feed tactic of controlling the media and info sure is really confusing Mas and gang. Haha now he is really at a loss as what to wear tommorrow.

    So lookout for old clothes that are discarded. Report any thing that you might be missing, like clothes, knives, guns.

    Men of the Karang Guni Division and all units of Sulo, please take note. Finally got reward by private organizsation!!!

    Kameh Kameh - chope the bugger !

  38. bukak pintu Says:

    days and weeks passed
    the defiant escapade of mas selamat as it seems from a very heavily fortified quarantine operated by the well trained and well paid supposedly professionals seem to suggest to a new year eve gala when at the stroke of midnight all lights were switched off to welcome a new era

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  40. kakak Says:

    another day…. another spin…… mat is eating into people’s rice bowls, especially those in the transport business….

    you complain also cannot, gahmen just take their own sweet time to do the checking at check-point in the name of security.

    they are as secure as ever and the people driving lorries have to tighten their belts and hope that mat comes out anytime from one of the lorries

  41. amused anf confused Says:

    Not sure if this post is in the thread but it is some what connected to Mr MAS.

    I continue to be confounded by the news of CNA team. This time the headline “Causeway jams ease ahead of school holidays next week”.

    It goes to to describe that the long lines were to due stepped up border checks for Mas.

    So there will be easing this week? Less stringent checks at the borders?Reading the headline, one would assume that the situation has since improved or has been ratified beginning this week of the school holidays, right? They have caught him? No you are wrong !!

    As far I can tell I do not think so, everything is still status quo, it is still the same when I went through woodlands yesterday.

    Then in the concluding para of the news, it states that many holiday makers are canceling their trips because of the jam. One has to therefore deduce for themselves that there are still massive jams and not the easing of it as described in the captioned headline. Is this part of a national education program to stimulate analytical thinking in our citizens?

    Shouldn’t the headline be ” Traffic Snarl due to stepped up check turns travellers away” or something to that effect rather such misleading headlines which simply fails to convey the actual situation. Unless, my analytical thinking thinks it has some other hidden agenda.

    Editor please wake up your idea.

  42. amused anf confused Says:

    CNA News “MHA responds to queries on Committee of Inquiry’s probe into Mas Selamat’s escape”

    errrr ?????? So, we get full information or not after enquiry?

    MHA say we get full report after Inquiry completed

    But Sylvia Lim WP say cannot !!

    So I am not sure. I believe Sylvia Lim want info released.

    The Report makes her appear very fickle one minute she wants, at then next, she say cannot.

    Reading CNA these days really stimulates the brain juices !!!

  43. Amused Says:

    There you have it!

    Damn good parody of Channel News Asia, the worst news broadcaster in the world. Totally slanted and cheap news coverage based on where they can afford to place or engage a local correspondent.

    CNA sucks.

  44. Danny Says:

    I wonder how much of the tax payers’ money has been used (to date) for this manhunt exercise?
    How many posters did they print? - seems to be in every place. Even stalls have them!
    How many more personnel and staff have been mobilized (man hours). Building security and school security …etc.
    Traffic jams costing time and petrol which translates to $. Casueways, airport, habour fronts, costal patrols…etc.
    Man! Can some economic guru make an estimate here? Really want to know!
    Maybe need to raise GST to 10% to fund this massive project!

  45. BlowFish Says:

    Nice to know Singaporeans are sticking together on this (give me a F***ing break, people are sick of the inconveniences eg. causeway jams, and the lack of info from the govt). IMO, this is beginning to smell bad, very bad.

    I have tried to download the “Operation Jamban investigation” without any success. Could it be the work of the censors blocking us off again ?

  46. chocoholic Says:

    found a video related to this!
    thought you guys might wanna check it out :-)

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