the mrbrown show: national car

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Not all the states are onboard when it comes to using the nasional car.

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13 Responses to “the mrbrown show: national car”

  1. adeline Says:

    LOL. bagus, bagus, bagus.
    Some parts will just terribly hilarious!

    Guys, make sure your website don’t get potong! Nanti kena potong, kita semua tak boleh dengar engkau podcast lah!!!

    Keep your bananas running!!!! Switch to Ferrlahli if needed!

    Here’s to more mati-mati sangat bagus production from you folks!

  2. \( O.o)/ Says:

    haha proton banana~~ and proton pulau branca~

  3. Ablog Says:

    Funny! Even the M’sians are questioning the Proton saga:

  4. Onlooker Says:

    What to do Dr Mahatir is mad about Proton what.

  5. RelaxLAH.. Says:

    I’m convinced now.. I wanna change to a Merc for cost cutting..

  6. Ah Tiang Says:

    proton banana? Whaahhaa..

    So shall we replace all our cars with Merc to cut cost?
    Or replace all Cabs with Merc larx, then cab fare can drop (coz cut cost).. LOL..

  7. Tzai Wei Says:

    haha.see dis guys.from a grp of budding podcasters

  8. Savageboy Says:

    Proton Banana???

    LOL!!! National car!!! Wahahaha!!! What kind of banana? =)

  9. cy Says:

    hahahas. gd one mr brown…but the whole thing sounds wrong la….very..but i like it…hahas. good one. :D

  10. Shu Yen Says:

    Hi Mr Brown,

    This week’s podcast link from isn’t working.
    Neither is the page up on this site.

  11. Jim Says:


  12. CCIX Says:

    haha… why should you include ‘as a matter in fact’ in every podcast which is related to m’sia? anyway, it’s hilarious.

  13. johntanyishin Says:

    Lol, probably msia gov officials will be both crying and laughing after listening to this podcast

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