the mrbrown show: new media gahmen


The gahmen aims to get better equipped for teh ingterneck!

Podcast iconPodcast: the mrbrown show 6 March 2009: new media gahmen Download MP3 (MP3, file size: 1.8mb, Time: 00:03:28)


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17 Responses to “the mrbrown show: new media gahmen”

  1. abigsotong Says:

    another classic!

  2. LeeLovesWayang Says:

    Another step closer to Changi Chalet.

  3. XxDrAg0nxX Says:


  4. Akaryu Says:

    This is not a Wayang.

  5. Onlooker Says:

    btw Is that mr yandao of maple story fame?
    LOL nice podcast
    PM Lee
    Wooden go
    “this is not a wayang”
    Darth Vivi
    “restaurant, food court or hawker”

  6. Awesome Says:

    Haa.. Really awesome! This is not a wayang.

  7. fm Says:

    All must follow!


  8. LOL Says:

    This is not a wayang~ LOL!!!

  9. Days are numbered Says:

    Soon there will be a knock on the doors of mrbrownshow after midnight, with men standing outside saying “Comrades, you vill kom vith us … “

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  11. Kelvin Says:


    Can I sue the blardy “yandao1957″ for infringing my “yandao” trademark? =P
    *coughs* For, uh, new media, uh, regulatory, uh.. something.


    Kelvin /

  12. Shalabh Pandey Says:

    Mr Brown,
    Brother- take a bow- awesomely good stuff- I always wished podcasts were shorter- but now I wish some of them should be longer.


  13. adeline Says:

    u hit some nails with this production! GREAT job!

    Now go and change address! Or get lawyers!…before their headlights come your way!

    U know lah…in Singapore only certain people can sue while the rest of us get sued or choose to get thrown into jail….come to think of it, may not even have a choice to choose, just get thrown into MAS SALAMAT’s ex-holiday home. Worse still, get thrown into JB permanently, for good!

    New media is THE INTERNET; nothing new about it. It is a media that has been around for a few decades except that this past 2decades or so more activities centered on The Internet.

    Sigh. It just shows how ‘creative’ our Singapore scholars are!!!; how to be “new media”???

  14. fynyx Says:

    Hi mrbrown,

    Taking over every private, individual webcam…

    This is so scary, being watched doing embarrassing things like –

    laughing with the mouth open at really lame efforts of people who think they control others;

    looking downwards all the time, because the webcam is typically positioned around the top of a monitor;

    not being around because went off to get a drink / relieve oneself / got called away.

    Please don’t watch us, Big Kor Kor, during so many of such interesting moments of our boring, non-elite lives!

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  16. matt Says:

    should there be any hue & cry about local internet radio? I always only listened to overseas ones anyway (sic.)

  17. florence craye Says:

    I love you, Mr. Brown. Keep up the good work!

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