the mrbrown show: single in singapore

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Singapore government is here to help the young and the dateless!

Podcast iconPodcast: the mrbrown show 17 Aug 2010: single in singapore
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22 Responses to “the mrbrown show: single in singapore”

  1. Yuks! Says:

    MrBrown, nowadays your podcast kana sai. This one sounds more like Mr.BrownNosePAP podcast. It sucks big time! Almost vomited listening to it halfway. You guys going to sell yourself to MCYS isit? How much they paying you?

  2. adelineLovesMrBrown&Gang Says:

    Before your beepbeep or poppop, it was surely funny but the funny becomes x2 after the poppop!

    How about doing one about having 2casinos because of Singaporeans + policies not set in stone (but set in cement leh!) + oh many more if you listen carefully….
    do one about why Singaporeans r not exicted about YOG…u guys come up with a song. Oh Yeah? Yeah?

  3. No 1 Ah Beng Says:

    Yuks!, Brown has no political agenda. He is an entertainer. It is always easier to complain than to do it yourself. Why don’t you try podcasting some political humor?
    Brown, this is not your best but keep it up. Thanks for the entertainment.

  4. Ah Chew Says:

    Hahaha… Spot on! Clearing blocked drains…

  5. Sylvester Lim Says:

    haha. Very good one Mr Brown. Keep it up! Garmen really is clueless about doing things the right way for the citizens.

  6. Ah Loke Says:

    Yuks!: please lah, mrbrown and team are not answerable to you (unlike the gahmen). Don’t like don’t listen lah (unlike the national songs played in every public space).

  7. Wilson Lam Says:

    lol, hotel 69

  8. Yuhin Says:

    What kind of policies are those! We can make more babies if we use them right! But have to study lar…but need to go wild after 20 then

    Hope by then, gahmen dun really force me to go on dates

  9. Tjandy Says:


  10. Ah Di Says:

    Why not make it compulsory for singles to date dont date kana fine…since we all know Singaporeans always listen to the government.

  11. YOG Says:

    alternatively we just organise the youth olympic games , make loads of youths volunteer, give them free meals, discos and condoms. since we are already paying more than S$300m….

  12. EL Says:

    Yuks! will feel silly after realising what satire is.

  13. Anonymous Says:

    MB & team, please be sensitive and avoid cynical remarks about calling singles as got “expiry date”, “got smell”… While many people may enjoy your creative podcasts, lately, many other podcasts are getting less constructive VERY “lame”.

    Please note that singlehood is by choice for some people. Policies alone will NOT solve the problem.

  14. Bernardo Says:

    Hotel 69 and room charges in 15-min blcoks…LOL!

  15. MuSker Says:

    anonymous.. Tht is wad Mb and their team is.. to use every means to be a good entertainer.. Well, i suggest u guys could make a very own Yog theme song for yrself. Keep it up!

  16. Bluepolar Says:

    why ang mo countries ladies dont seem to have expiry date??

  17. MGSPW Says:

    hahahah. loved the phone conversation part.

    MB for dating guru. lolx.

  18. pet Says:

    I have that dummy book at home haha ….

  19. PenalizeSingles Says:

    Haha. Nice one. Instead of giving “singlehood” bonuses, imposing more “singlehood” penalties is a better way to spur people to get married. After all, the biggest singlehood penalty is ineligibility for public housing.

  20. Dr Chan Says:

    I thought gahmen has given up on locals a long time ago. That’s why our doors are wide open now.

  21. Eugene T L Says:

    Love all the sarcasm…

    My fav part is on “Overnight turning into serial dating machines”

  22. PercyPeterWhatevur Says:

    What’s Domo doing next to a Dummies book?

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