the mrbrown show: All is Tan (video)

I have no idea how cityhousefly does videos of our songs so quickly but here is “All is Tan”. Thanks, again, dude!

Youtube link:

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  1. Uncle Rino Says:

    Like it very very much. Creatively produced.

  2. Lena Says:

    Can you also come up one with the song:

    I want to be a freaking bad…Lolzzz

  3. nicholas Says:

    Kum Sia ! ! !

    We will nave have to Tan for Brown Bear to provide us with good production.

  4. Election Results: Look at My Tweets for the latest news — Singapore Actually Says:

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  5. AH HENG Says:

    Mr Brown, quote from a forum…

    One country cannot have 2 president ?
    since only 0.34%……..
    why cannot have 2 president ?
    if only 35% & 34%, not happy right ? Net Sadness ~
    you see……. 35.19% (TT) + 34.85% (TCB) = 70.04% (Net happiness)
    happy + happier = Net Happiness ~
    GCT say wan …. you remember your video ?

  6. Veron Says:

    Great song,,,very creative,,great singing too,,, u make me pround to be a Tan haha Thanks for the sharing :).

  7. Dentures Says:

    Mr Brown,

    Check this out:

    Dentures came loose …

  8. Princess Cathie Says:

    Dear Mr Brown,

    Singapore where got NO talent??! Right here .. our beloved Mr Brown!
    U r truly 100% “local talent”, uniquely Singapore.. Our beloved PM has certainly not single u out in vain (positively of course) during National Day Rally..

    Continue ur creative juice.. juz a bit “clearer” to the ears.. would be delightful!

  9. Geraldine Says:

    We endorse 埋单 for president! LOL Me too!!! Saw this late, but I still have my laugh! :D

  10. Dividend Warrior Says:

    This is really funny! Good job! ^^

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