the mrbrown show: S.I.M.I.


Stand by for your humble digital helper, coming to a phone near you!

Podcast iconPodcast: the mrbrown show 6 Oct 2011: S.I.M.I.
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  1. 306 views Says:


  2. Polalion Says:

    Oh goodness, I heard that last part as “you haven’t had a dick in 6 months”…

  3. gordonator com Says:

    RIP Steve. You are one with the Force now.

  4. notorion Says:

    if thedigital assistant really so power like ur podcast one I will immediately go buy my first apple pdt

  5. weiteck Says:

    can’t listern to the podcast via website, also error when download via itune….
    Kindly check for error

  6. nerdybeng Says:

    Eh you orh know or not, dey got special I-for-Ass edition for Sinkapore leh, blue one, call Simi Lan. You top up $50 hor, got bird picture some more, call Simi Lan Jiao…

  7. Nicholas Says:

    Date / dick…..the all sounds the same……..

  8. cookiedough Says:

    I can’t hear this file too! error! :( But I can hear the others

  9. doggie Says:

    can’t open or download………………

  10. jia Says:

    er,i cannot open or dl this.

  11. Lucas Says:

    okay liao…

  12. aRANDOMfan Says:

    Can’t open too

  13. Ethan777 Says:

    Cannot open file.

  14. Green Says:

    “Error opening file”
    Can upload on youtube or smth?

  15. Singlish version of Siri | Singapore Actually Says:

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  16. XiaoDongDong Says:

    I have help upload the file to mediafire

    you can download from here

  17. Chufang Says:

    There’s another spoof

  18. S.I.M.I Says:

    “CSI Alan facebook” - Mr brown you got read EDMW one?

  19. Fun Packer Says:

    @nerdybeng Says:
    October 7th, 2011 at 10:05 am …..

    Your mother told me that she has regretted bringing you to this world…. we should have disowned you. Anyway your Mother also told me that she is seeing me tonight.

  20. VFKuan Says:

    What a rude and big mouth personal assistant.

  21. Chicken Rice Says:

    Gahhahahaha “he got 5 hamster”..seriously.. nice break from writing my essay.

  22. csnation Says:

    Awesome !

  23. ahspace Says:

    i made a video ^^

  24. cho si mi Says:

    lol. iphone 4 SG?? lol

  25. SIMI Says:


    My owner saw ur video

    FYI hor the ???? atas place is actually “ku-dé-ta” of Marina Sand SkyPark

    Of course the view got standard lah but service damn poor man; if your seat have no view then you may as well goto some Chinese-run western food place and get the more better food and service at a sure-win bargain!

    See? SIMI can rekomen as well leh!

  26. peasnquiet Says:

    Haha at first I thought it was a fake restaurant called “Coup d’état” ahahaha

  27. Bryne Says:

    Great song selection for the background! And the teng teng teng teeng teeeng teng teng…

  28. firefly Says:

    I almost row on the floor laughing, lol

  29. chups Says:

    make it a youtube video! so that it’ll be easy to share! :D
    really well done! can’t stop laughing

  30. YMC Says:

    Oh Hilarious!!!!! I wish Simi was President.

  31. Kym Says:

    Throughout the whole podcast I was just laughing non-stop. It is really hilarious! Seriously though, if Apple manages to develop such a thing, Mr Brown you must remember to claim royalties from them. All the true-blue Singaporeans sure will buy the phone one!

  32. SIMI « Silvernimpact Says:

    […] So Everyone is so into Siri now, why not try SIMI?  […]

  33. Hun Boon Says:

    This must be the funniest podcast this year! Well done to the team, two thumbs up!

  34. Dr Chan Says:

    SIMI must have been modelled after our “celebrity blogger” Steven Lim. Haha… well done.

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    […] the mrbrown show: S.I.M.I.. […]

  36. PaperD Says:


  37. KNizam Artwerk » SIMI, Singapore Version of SIRI via iPhone4SG – Mr Brown Show. Muhahahahahahaha! Says:

    […] Mr Brown Show click here lorrrrrrrrr ! haha […]

  38. Lala Says:

    Can I still subscribe to iTunes podcast ? Link didn’t work for me

  39. kylie Says:

    I wish we Simi was available in Aus. Not boring Siri.
    Too funny, you made me cry laughing on tram and now people think i’m a crazy lady.

  40. mb Says:

    @Lala: use this manual link to subscribe in iTunes:

  41. Dommy Says:

    Seriously, this is good(:
    But it somehow reflects singaporean’s incapability to speak accurate English.
    If SIMI is modified to have the joking part in it, but equipped with the requirement of good English, the standard of English in singapore would be raised(:

  42. liz Says:

    I’ve actually listened to this four times but all four times I crack up :D thanks for the laughter!

  43. Abouzar Says:

    Epic! This one was just hilarious epic!

  44. Mareishia Says:

    The guy who did the SIMI voice needs to release an album

  45. mb Says:

    Thank you for your compliment, Mareishia! Haha!

  46. Mac Says:

    Kudos 2 yu guys! nice job,…it was really fun do really hav a talent.
    Mo power!

  47. tonbopro Says:

    wonderful podcast, reminds me of Kirk and/or crew talking to the computer on the Enterprise all those years ago. not forgetting Scotty talking to the mouse…
    ‘cannot afford one… ‘ totally capture the feeling of most people wearing nametags at work.

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  49. Siri in Singapore | The Official Gaddict Blog Says:

    […] Singapore’s comic genious. Listen to the Ah Beng, Singlish version of Apple iPhone 4S’s Siri which he has called Simi. What a hoot if this was an actual application. […]

  50. Emma Says:

    the pronunciation very singapore la ….n the dialog is pretty funny…like it..

  51. Carol Tsang Says:

    I bought iPhone 4S because of your show :) SIRI is not as good as SIMI la :(

  52. Mr Brown Podcast Over The Phone - Hoiio Developer Blog Says:

    […] We have created an app where you can call with your phone, and listen to Mr Brown’s podcast over the phone (we have chosen SIMI podcast)! The number to call is: […]

  53. Trend Prediction for 2012 « Hi there! Says:

    […] 2011 has seen an amazing mobile penetration throughout the world and there is absolutely no sign of that slowing down in 2012. SoLoMo was also brought up during the recent BlackBerry DevCon Asia by Strategy Analyst of Global Wireless Practice, Thomas Kang. For those who do not know what the acronym means, SoLoMo is a short form for Social, Local and Mobile. With the growing importance of mobile, as well as high social media penetration, there will definitely be (if not already) more and more startups creating innovative solutions around mobile apps. SoLoMo is not a product in itself, but rather, it’s a way to access and interact with all the contents that are increasingly generated and curated by users. Even Apple is going SoLoMo this year, where it integrated Twitter into its iOS 5(So), going local(Lo) with its different versions of Siri (hopefully we have a Singapore version of Siri soon), and mobile. So if you are thinking of your startup business model, do consider integrating social elements into it like everyone else if you have not already do so, and optimize your startup so that its local content is easily viewed on mobile, or build a mobile app for it. […]

  54. Nana Says:

    So Funny!!!

  55. david Says:

    great work, keep it up. jut fantastic.

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    […] […]

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