The Yahoo! interviews: mrbrown speaks to Mdm Choo Bee Hoon

I had the honour of speaking to Madam Choo Bee Hoon, Deputy Director of Morality, and asked her what she felt about morality standards of civil servants and MPs, after two top civil servants were recently arrested over allegations of serious personal misconduct and former Workers’ Party member Yaw Shin Leong’s recent fiasco over an alleged affair.

Yahoo link:

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  1. Talk talk Says:

    A great broadcast. Always looking forward to your showtime.

    Loyal Fan

  2. william yeo Says:

    Hey, I can’t receive your “mr brown speaks to mdm Choo Bee Hoon, leh!

  3. desmond Says:

    I preferthe voice only podcasts…. they been no on air for so long….. Somehow it makes one’s imagination more vivid than video-casts.

    eg. radio charms VS tv reality…….

    no offence, just a side comment.

  4. sohnice Says:

    Can’t watch the video on yahoo news on chrome & IE!!!
    What happen????

  5. Michael Says:

    Cannot receive Choo Bee Hoon interview meh ? Link probably removed lah. Must be the Morality Police law ! Allen Ah Kau Muthusamy & Partners must be working overtime law.

  6. mb Says:

    Sorry for the trouble. The Yahoo servers can’t cope and they are migrating to new servers. Try to watch later, maybe hit refresh.

  7. sohnice Says:

    Gave up liao, still cannot watch. Refresh don know how many time liao, my left click mouse button oso spoit. Heart pain want to die liao!

  8. Michael Says:

    Even the Yahoo servers are migrating. What chance have we got ?

  9. gordonator com Says:

    What happens if mdm Choo Bee Hoon meets Midas Jin Jue Lui meets Mr Brown? @@!

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