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MOE announces a shocking new rule. We investigate its implications.

Podcast iconPodcast: the mrbrown show 21 Nov 2012: top scorer
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Our fact-checking department informed us that mrbrown’s PSLE results was only three As and one A star. He apologizes for this grave lapse of memory on his part. He assures us that he has never used an inflated PSLE result to apply for a job or to hang on his office wall.

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  1. [GShowGT] the mrbrown show: top scorer - Says:

    […] [GShowGT] the mrbrown show: top scorer the mrbrown show Blog Archive the mrbrown show: top scorer […]

  2. gordonator com Says:

    The background too loud liao lah

  3. PSLE chicken Says:

    It’s a very sad case of dumbing down.

    The lower failures cannot stand the higher achievers.

    Soon the country will look to the slums for inspiration.

    Then will get lower cost of living, lower pressure of education, lower everything.

    The army will also use only bows and arrows. Because people complant latest type is too fast.

    To replace the smoke grenade containing toxic zinc, the replacement would be smoke from firewood. Every soldier will carry one wood stick and matches to create smoke.

  4. Ngan Tengyuen Says:

    children these day, so many burden. This must be a modern version of legal child abuse in the form of ‘education’… gone are the good old days when being happy is part of a childhood

  5. Icehawk Says:

    It’s a good stance to have (although potentially dangerous and makes local youngsters uncompetitive if overdone)–we’re going towards the other extreme now, so it’s about time to turn back a little.

    BTW, is the picture in this post from Clementi Mall? Looks very familiar. And the glass reflections sort of help to piece the image, lol.

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