the mrbrown show: I dreamed a dream

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There was a time when men were kind, when their voices were soft and their words inviting.

Podcast iconPodcast: the mrbrown show 27 Feb 2013: I dreamed a dream
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3 Responses to “the mrbrown show: I dreamed a dream”

  1. OBT Says:

    I dream of a country where I can feel at home again, without getting dirty looks if I order in English (or Malay), where local food taste the way I remember, where I can go to orchard road, little India, Chinatown, paya lebar & not feel like I’m in some foreign land. But that dream sudah mati la. Now I can only dream of the day my children grow up, get some returns on my HDB rental, & move away. My last & only dream :(

  2. Coffee Shop UNCLEs Says:

    LOL —- Singaporean Miserable dreams ………… dammed jilat this morning….. Bluddy Bus so crowded and the Bleedy Train so sardines packed…….. How to be productive? Yes…. Screw the SMRT, Screw the SBS, Screw the Min of ……. ?

  3. Quitter Says:

    Song: Singapore is not my Home!

    Things were spinning ’round me,
    And all my thoughts were cloudy,
    I began to doubt all the things that were me.

    I’ve been so many places,
    I’ve run so many races,
    I looked into the empty faces of the people of the night,
    And something is just not right.

    Chorus (1)

    Coz I know…. I gotta get out of here,
    I’m so alone,
    That’s the reason, I gotta get out of here,
    Singapore’s not my home.

    Tho’ all the streets are crowded,
    There’s something strange about it,
    Lived there all my life and never once felt home,

    I thought I’ve made the big time,
    I’d learnt alot lesson awful quick and,
    I am telling you this,
    They (FTs or MIWs) are not the nice kind,
    It’s been so long that I’d felt fine (after I migrated)

    Chorus (2):

    That’s the reason, I gotta get out of here,
    I’m so alone,
    Don’t you know that I gotta out of here,
    Singapore’s not my home

    Tune similar to Jim Croce’s “New York’s not my Home”

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