the mrbrown show: resident smilers

Resident Smilers

You are a World Bank and IMF delegate. You arrive at your meeting venue, greeted by 4 million smiling citizens. You greet them back, they keep smiling. You ignore them, they keep smiling…. something’s not right.

This mrbrown show is sponsored by, Singapore’s very own “School Reunions” site.

Podcast iconPodcast: the mrbrown show 30 June 2006: resident smilers


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11 Responses to “the mrbrown show: resident smilers”

  1. Sk Says:


  2. where the music never fades... Says:


    oh yea. latest browncast. haha!! imagine 4 million singaporeans smiling at u. ROFLOL….

  3. DOM the clown Says:

    What are you guys trying to do? Destroy Mediacorpse? With the way you guys are progressing, Fann Wong and gang will be queuing up to join Browncorpse soon man! WAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA……

    shit! I’m fast becoming your residential clown! nbz!

  4. Basil Says:


    This is excellent! Sounds X-Filish LOL!

  5. Amakusa Says:

    Lol extremely funny parody of resident evil


  6. AsakuraYoh Says:

    it’s dam horror n funny sia

  7. the mrbrown show » Blog Archive » Got Smile Meh? Says:

    […] When you collect 4 million smiles for the visiting IMF, I suppose it is inevitable that some less than perfect smiles, or non-smiles, slip through. […]

  8. nat* Says:

    Sometimes no matter how hard some people smile then still look upset… those people are perfect examples LOL

  9. jeremy Says:

    you guys are GREAT ahahaha

  10. Evriting fades away....nothing lasts forever... Says:

    Oh my gosh imagine 4 million people smiling at startled foreigns it spooks me out too…. HAHAZZ

  11. dumpling Says:

    hehe….hello sir,welcome to SINGAPORE~~~~~~
    pretty funny that singaporean turns into smilin zombies….