the mrbrown show: Sian Song

Presenting… our very first original single, SIAN! Ya, we also got song, ok? Solid, right?

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67 Responses to “the mrbrown show: Sian Song”

  1. full sian... Says:

    lol… it really makes me feel sian… but come to think of it, it’s entertaining!

  2. collar Says:


  3. lings Says:

    Can provide the lyrics to this song?
    Think it’s real cool, but I can’t make out most parts of it :p

  4. Mr.A Says:

    Hey, I couldn’t wait for your “polishing” of the song because I love it so much, so if you hear someone’s mobile ringtone with “MRT door tu tu tu nearly kena my hand…”, that’s me!

    Sorry for “pirating” your song, but I believe in not paying to download mp3, it should be my right! How can I buy something if I don’t know what is it? Even the Ah Pek selling durian downstair my house also tell me try try try, like only buy, somemore bao jia. So if you come out with your album, after downloading and listening, I WILL BUY it to show my support for good product.

    Free one not always good. Lousy mp3 free download also I don’t want. Good mp3 even I can free download I will still download and buy to show support. So even if is subscription base, I will pay for it. At least it offers more than the newspaper I read YESTERDAY.

  5. charis Says:

    haha.. i already quite sian.. slacking in sch.. aft listening to the sian song.. i super duper wopper SIAN… hahaha.. =P

  6. Kai Jie Says:

    hey that was a good track, the tune, arrangement were good though i think the harmony sounds a little bit funny at times in the chorus… maybe the lyrics can be edited a bit to make it more cutting, more relevant to societal issues, the lyrics in the rap verses might need a bit more work… and how abt doing a jay chou in the end? put a rap together simultaneously with the chorus to end off the song, and even better, add a third melody as refrain in this finale.

    however it’s a great effort for a 1st timer ! u guys may just be able to produce hiphop/rap albums soon. =)

  7. DOM the clown Says:

    Mr Brown,
    er……..I prefer your TALK show. You and Mr Miyagi cannot sing, cannot write gooch song……..I don’ch know what to say about you two…..*sigh*
    Your disappointed fan,

  8. jon Says:

    sian rox!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Disturbance06 Says:

    Gr3at Sian Song =]] .

    Make more =]] .

    SIngaporeans love ur show , Mr brown !

    You Rawkk!

    -Disturbance .

  10. dc Says:

    errr …crossing my fingers..

    listening …music sounded nice..
    but the voice..don’t know what to say

    Better stick to talkshow

  11. monarosa Says:

    my goodness. i love the song.

  12. TS Says:

    Always churning out new podcasts, I love it!

  13. Sian Says:

    The song is as the name suggests…you’ve either done the song justice or, if otherwise, stick to something you’re better at! :)

  14. Weiwen Says:

    Good job guys

  15. lewis Says:

    nice effort. Could be the next “why you so liddat?”. For product placement, try to go for ou-xiang-pai. I think the shi-li-pai category a bit hard to break in leh.

  16. LALALa...... Says:

    realli, mr miyagi and mr brown, u both cannot sing leh…… u should continue your talk show and QUIT singing!!!!(u dun have the talent)

  17. Stars Says:

    Hmm… good try, but I dont like, prefer slap sticks on comptemporary issues.

    Well, perhaps the future ones will be better if u dare to try more :> hahaha..

  18. MMX Says:

    Classic :D Good job guys!

  19. jaredl Says:

    wah lao, early morning hear this song, straight away sianz half without hesitation liao.

  20. Wen-BerDer Says:

    Can i see the lyrics???

  21. spikhr Says:

    cool job.. keep it up guys!!

  22. Old Beggar Says:

    sian sian… life so sian.. sigh… i sian.. still want to hear others sian… making more sian…

  23. budong Says:

    Sian’s lyrics is real nice! Great work mr brown and mr miyagi:)

  24. ArkSurfer Says:

    It’s been some time since we last heard a song that truly strikes a chord in the hearts of singaporeans … national day songs no count

  25. Brownshow sarporter Says:

    haha. everyday i dunno whr i am. i’m SIAN~~~~

    very nice. nvr fail to make me luff.

  26. zi Says:

    job well done =)

  27. i donno who i am Says:

    can provide the lyrics for the “sian” song, its great song should go to radio. haha

  28. Ki33ran Says:

    Damn beng lor.

  29. oink Says:

    “I thought I had a choice, but found that I have no voice, I’m sian”

    Wahahahahahahahahaha I like this last liner man!

  30. Jaiuu Says:

    wah lao -.-

  31. geylang people Says:

    Ah Brown and Miyaki cannot sings lah…. must invites johnny to sings for the songs lah… got dur johnny’s singlish version or not? geylang peoples sure supports one… lumber one lah…

  32. mp Says:

    i dont like it guys….. c’mon, life is not so bad lah… pls dont infect the world with negativity!

  33. Mr.Black Show Says:

    Truely sian but funny.Hope mre songs will be published.I respect you for and your jokes.Thanks for the song.

  34. Lisa Says:

    Try working on the voice blending…

  35. Weg Says:

    not bad, the music and lyrics part, but the singing, can improve lah i tink…

    and, can u all post the lyrics up, really wanna noe… thx

  36. nal Says:

    “why you so liddat?” has been done by local & original comic/ music hero, Siva Choy, way back in the 80s. Go check it out!

  37. the lyrics of the song Says:

    (you know ben, i’m sian. why are you sian? i’ll tell you)

    i try to cook but got burn by the frying pan
    MRT door tu tu tu nearly kena my hand
    all the girls that i know say only see me as friend
    now the lift at my block just break down again

    i wake up in the morning and i dunno who i am
    i am sian….
    i’m not happy i’m not sad, but i sure know where i went
    i am sian….
    so sian…
    i’m just walking down the street and i dunno wad to eat
    i am sian….
    every second every minute every hour every day
    i am sian….
    how did i get so sian

    got a job interview but got hole in my pants
    go see show but the fellow in front damn tall can
    my PC kenah virus and the toilet flush spoil
    my brand new handphone kenah drop in cooking oil


    ahhhhhhh i’m so frustrated (???? or frus) (X4)

    sunny in the morning and its raining in the night
    i am sian….
    the weather cannot change and neither can my life
    i am sian….
    i’m talkin to myself cos theres really no one else
    i am sian….
    i may think i have a choice but i really have a voice
    i am sian….
    how did i get so sian

  38. Vicsky Says:

    I like the beats…

  39. BP PPLZ Says:

    really nice but kinda lame good for passing time

  40. frzncherry Says:

    Great song! love the melody. Great lyrics.

  41. jazz Says:

    great effort… would be even better if you guys add a rap interlude at the part when you go “i’m frus…”

  42. nunchukz Says:

    haha.. really sian arhH!!
    but nice lor.
    considering.. it is only demo and so fun.
    but the rap can improve…. but still got.
    i wan e rest…~

  43. being me Says:

    Dun “polish” it! Keep it the way it is! Raw & most imp…REAL! good work guys :)

  44. WaN. Says:

    listen to the song really dam sian sia haha but dam funny also :p i like the music..quite nice ~

  45. BP PPLZ Says:

    Yo! its me again i just cant get enough of the song
    Dont eva stop!!!

  46. yzxmq Says:

    lol.. ur song is ownage xD

  47. mk Says:

    whoa nice one haha
    but really, cannot listen in the morning lah
    if not you’ll start the day with a super sian mood

    well done!
    looking forward to more…

  48. Poop Says:

    Have you all tried the podpress plugin? think it would be so much nicer and more convenient to publish stuff and for ppl to play the podcasts

  49. Song Shao Xuan Says:

    this song ’sian’ rox!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  50. Fer Says:

    Cool! Maybe some producer will approach you.haha!

  51. Benedict Says:

    Yeah mrbrown rocks men (:
    Keep up with the great work!
    And make more songs (:

  52. Gval Says:

    Awesome… I’m singing this song where ever i go!! XDXD
    I’m getting alot of kar kee oso…

  53. maniac Says:

    sianz man

  54. Song Shao Xuan Says:

    now i sing this song where ever i go!!!!
    it rox!!!!!

  55. erion Says:


    make the lyrics more “non-politically inclined” leh… Gr8 effort, can’t wait for the next one ^.^

  56. SIAN-ED Says:

    reallie nice song…
    ur voices make it vry sian… enhance the power of the song…
    geart job guys…

  57. Grim43v3r Says:

    keep it up guys….

  58. 33sierra Says:


    Hahaha,GREAT WORK!

  59. KEnnic Says:

    HEY!!pls provide lyrics!!i want to sing it with the song but cant seem to be able to figure the lyrics out??hahah..ya..THX!!

  60. sian guy Says:

    haha, perfectly describes me…

  61. Branz Says:

    quite nice wat…

  62. Warfan Says:

    to sing it, put it inside movie maker and cut down the file then play it evrytime u on comp. u will know one

  63. Yipz Says:


  64. Mr.T Says:

    can i use your song on my brog not , help publicise you . will credit you and put you on my links de . can not . i put first , cannot you tell me , i bring down .

  65. LEE Says:

    lols , tt is funny … go make an album …

  66. Song Shao Xuan Says:

    dude until now i still sing this song!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  67. empty Says:

    Is this for sale yet ? looking forward to it ,