the mrbrown show: San Diego Day 1

Road trip

We’re tired, and we’ve just woken up not too long ago. We’re preparing to go out for lunch and planning the rest of the work day when we step outside our motel room and talk to Yuri, the cleaner from Siberia.

He asks about Singapore’s beautiful girls and our habit of eating insects and rice.

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Podcast iconPodcast: the mrbrown show 19 July 2006: San Diego Day 1 (MP3, File size: 2.6mb, Time: 7.26)


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9 Responses to “the mrbrown show: San Diego Day 1”

  1. black tractor Says:

    Cool dude.. sure this yuri not gonna serve u guys with those creepy stuff eh, hehehehe :P

  2. Supertoad76 Says:

    No Fair……. ye in San Diego, and we are stuck in sg.

  3. alnz Says:

    yo bro… u guys are realli bringing us wherever u go!

  4. unknown Says:

    Yes, I remember an insect food fest in Singapore. ;)

  5. KL Says:

    Er… I think the cleaner had Thai/Cambodian/Vietnamese/Laotian girls in mind…

  6. Elsie Says:

    I think you guys are SOOOO cool!!!! I visit your website daily!!!! “Can take a girl out of Singapore but can’t take Singapore out of a girl”…safe travels and keep those podcast coming…
    Best wishes from Melbourne!

  7. tazzy1972 Says:

    cool dudes!! enjoy urself… dun party too hard…

  8. aussieland Says:

    why are u redirecting us? kinda sianz having to click twice to hear ur podcast.

  9. george Says: