the mrbrown show: san diego day 2

Road trip

Miyagi and I have an after-dinner coffee at Borders San Diego, and talk about Singaporean’s favourite topic — food.

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Podcast iconPodcast: the mrbrown show 20 July 2006: San Diego Day 2 (MP3, File size: 4.1mb, Time: 11.33)


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7 Responses to “the mrbrown show: san diego day 2”

  1. Yamasam Says:

    There have Mongolian food everywhere. I had one in Mineapolis and another at Bear mountain (a ski resort). Same concept everywhere, same taste everywhere.

    But if you really need anything with some resemblance to chinese food, they are probably the best alternative. Then again, there are lots of Chinese restaurants in SD and good tim sum. You folks should go try them.

  2. Joe Says:

    Hi Miyaki-san and Brown-san

    There’s supposed to be a heatwave there? Hope you guys are enjoying yourselves at the same time.

    Enjoy your podcast but the song can be better - just don’t make everyone sian after that. Just a little encouragement.


  3. Jimmy Seah Says:

    Couple of suggestions for you guys to try out in San Diego:

    1. Any small Japanese restaurant that features a Jap chef (there are a lot featuring Chinese/Vietnamese/HK chefs). Sashimi there is cheap. Maybe more expensive than Sake Sushi but more value becos of bigger cuts.

    2. Fisherman Village. Plenty of restaurants there by the water and if you are lucky, you may catch an aircraft carrier docked in the naval base. Whichever restaurant you go, go for the grilled fish. Try all kinds. Maki maki (shark) is one of my favourites. Not teh cheapest but the exprience will be worth it.

    3. Coronado. Home of the Navy Seals. Go the any of the bars there for dinner. You can get all the meat you want there. Roadhouse style.

    Hope you guys have fun.

  4. Theist Says:

    You rockx! San Diego Comic Con!!! Loads of collectible toys! Dream of all collectors to go!! Get the exclusive toys back to singapore and hold an auction pls!!!

  5. Mr.A Says:

    Parking expensive? Wait till you park at Sydney… AU$25.00 per entry after 5pm! Normal per hour parking rate = AU$12.00. I once paid $49.00 for parking…

  6. rachel Says:

    when i was in california, they had the chinese food chain ‘panda express’ everywhere. it’s really terrible, the food. all i ate there was panda express, and i always ordered was ‘koo loo yok’.

  7. iuh Says:

    try out The Orginal Pancake House in San Diego, for breakfast. They have a feast of pancakes there! Expect a queue on weekend’s morning.
    Add: 3906 Convoy Street, San Diego, CA 92111-3724

    yes, panda express is a good-to-miss.

    factory outlet is in carlsbad.
    and if you guys have the time, walk over to mexico - tijuana. park your car in the big car park beside the customs, and just walk over. fun fun fun.