Comments are open again

Hi all! We’re opening up comments again from today’s podcast albeit moderated (so dont panic if you don’t see your comments appear instantly).

By special request, we’re also opening comments for those of you to make your well wishes/goodbyes to Mr Miyagi in our older Ch-ch-changes entry (link).

6 Responses to “Comments are open again”

  1. Budong Says:

    At last, the comments are opened again! Anyway, how’s Faith? Hope she’s doin fine!:)

  2. huu...huuu... HEERRR!! Says:

    hi mr brown… is it possible for u make a podcast on HUHUHER!!

    the 3 words are pronounced like this..

    huuuuuuu(drag it, in low tone)

    huuuuuuuu(drag it too, but in a LOWER tone)

    HEER(drag it JUST A BIT, in a HIGH tone)

    The overall result will sound funny :)
    Please make this wish of mine a success :)

    P.S its actually a funny laugh i heard from a fren… ITS FUNNY!!

  3. Wenjin Says:


  4. +joeyy+ Says:

    The mr brown show just rawwk!
    you guys are the best!all the best!

    your loyal fan,

  5. paulricoeur Says:

    Worker: I want to buy 100 fishbalsl
    Fishball seller: 100 fishballs for you, pay at casher
    Casher. Here is your 100 fishballs, tax is 20 fishballs, so left 80.
    But if yiu keep 20 in my fridge, the tax is only 15.
    You see the other 20 fishball saved in my fridge is free from tax. Not even when you take out later
    Worker: OK I save 20 fishballs in your fridge.
    Casher to himself: (Haha, I can use his fishball as capital to enrich myself, when worker claim back his fsihballs, he won’t know they have become smaller balls.)
    Worker (20 years later): I want to withdraw the 20,000 fish balls I saved
    Casher: Here are your 20,000 fishballs but you can withdraw only 100 a month.
    Worker: You neber said that at first.
    Casher: We just implement this rule so you have enough balls to last your life time and not waste it once and for all.
    Worker: OK la, let me withdraw my this month’s 100 fishballs.
    Casher: Here is you fish ball - 100 fish ball but tax 10, so 90 in all for this month.
    WOrker: I thought you said no tax for the fishballs I saved.
    Casher: I did not say no tax.
    Worker: Yes you said no tax.
    Casher: No i did not
    Worker: Yes you did, I can show you the video to prove you said no tax in future.
    Casher: OK No tax for buying fishball. BUt this is tax for consuming fishball. Let’s get on with life.

  6. easermaElusia Says:

    What is bumburbia?

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