the mrbrown show: tunnel vision


We lost a National Library, but gained a hole!

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21 Responses to “the mrbrown show: tunnel vision”

  1. Wenjin Says:


  2. miak Says:

    you mean it’s 34 million bucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!????????????????


  3. FirePhoenix Says:

    For the 5 minutes pleasure of the motorists to drive from Marina to Orchard, the National Library was sacrified. The congestion of Orchard Road will get worse to justify for higher ERP charges for entering and exiting Orchard Road. It is money well spent to build the tunnel.

  4. Skipper Says:

    Hmm..what’s new? It doesn’t take a genius to come up with a justification for doing away with something. I hardly see any buildings or landmarks left for nostalgia. Soon, Singapore will be a city which has everything but a soul. Saddening.

  5. emigre Says:

    Don’t even get me started on this…I’m disgusted beyond words. $34 million so that motorists save 4 minutes’ travelling time!!

    They said the National Library was too expensive to conserve because of its leaky foundation - would it have costed $34 million to fix that?

  6. Hannah Says:

    $34million only mah. Peanuts. Maybe they can grow peanuts on the grass patch above.

  7. idiotdoc Says:

    they’re really idiotic to pull down the library jus for this stupid tunnel. wat a real waste of money!

  8. kf Says:

    Singapore heartware is measured in terms of peanuts and seconds don’t you know?

  9. des Says:

    Maybe it’s because of fengshui?…Singapore needs holes to boom..but 34 million for fengshui is still too much. KNn

  10. daveteo Says:

    i have this idea for sometime,
    would like to setup an vitual altar for ‘Bai-bai’
    burn incense and joss paper etc.
    machaim death anniversary.

    i’m very pissed off for the so-call authorities for destroying what i would call a national monument.

    now all we have is a BIG- HOLE (tua-kang)

  11. Monkey Says:

    Wah lan…. the library for tunnel??? Shit man… and S$34m???? That could be used to “help the poor” instead…. Well “They know better”, right?

  12. Msike1 Says:

    Seriously,This structure looks like tombstone.

  13. Jedd the Jedi Says:

    I wnet there on some history tour a few weeks ago, and the poor old tour guide was saying how much he missed the national library. Really, it’s a waste. Great stuff from Mark, plus the trademark protest wail from Ruby Pan in the bloopers!

  14. think Says:

    maybe they can consider destroying the tunnel and building the national library back again, coz many ppl seems to be complaining about it

  15. aygee Says:

    its all done and dusted, my dear Think.

    when i first heard of the plan to tear down Nat Library, i remember them saying its prime land and there’s a lot more practical uses for the land. I didnt know it was to build a tunnel instead.

    Sigh - being an SJI boy of Bras Basah Road, that area and the National Library hold so much fond memories. but hey, Singapore’s such a pragmatic country, arent we? what’s the point of fond memories when we can build a tunnel that cuts travel time?

  16. Ngiam's blog Says:

    From Repository of Knowledge to Black Hole

    I must say I wasn’t one of those who strongly decried the demolition of the former National Library building at Stamford Road. Mostly, this was because I am young enough that Toa Payoh Library had already been built by the time I could read, so m…

  17. EJ Bean Says:

    We just have to admit that the medieval times are over, aint it? Looking at it another way: everything just seems to be living on borrowed time rather! How sad! No doubt fond memories are happy times that are valued upon; time which can be saved in the future are deemed higher in stake! Look at how often we lament on the lack of time and how we always say to others, “Give me one minute please…” … Time is so precious and there is no absolute value pegged at it. With the value of time increasingly upped thanks and no thanks to globalization, what is $34 million for buying time (OMG! Time can be bought! Aint time priceless? Aww…) as opposed to good old days??? Remember? We have to move forward! And to move forward, we have to think ahead… not think back… Think about the past? Alamak! You’ve gotta be kidding! Where got time?!!! ;)

    And oh! Anyone can come up with super mega BIG plans for the site at where Esplanade is? It would be so interesting to see how a purported icon of Singapore ends in yet another “heroic” death. And mind you… it’s not as simple as relocating the merlion of Singapore river from one end to the other. We are talking about one HUGE DURIAN!

  18. dZus Says:

    initially it was reported that the libary was demolishsed to make way for SMU (which i still totally don’t get, why it MUST be in already over-crowded cityhall area). so are they still building part of SMU there, or is it for future SMU expansion, or really, its just for a bloody HOLE

  19. manicirony Says:

    Yeah, I thot it was demolished because they intended to built SMU at that site? Knn. Cheat us once again.

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  21. Drzygn Says:

    Come on ppl, we must repay back our 66.6% strong mandate in anything that our government does.

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