the mrbrown show: vanishing landscapes

Photo by SFSteve

We investigate the mystery of vanishing Singapore landscapes!

Podcast iconPodcast: the mrbrown show 13 Apr 2007: vanishing landscapes (MP3, file size: 1.5mb, Time: 00:03:03)


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6 Responses to “the mrbrown show: vanishing landscapes”

  1. Jimmy Says:

    Singapore PM’s salary stuns White House official

  2. Sir Richards Says:

    Next week on vanishing landscapes, we investigate the missing HDB flats in singapore…

  3. Hai~Ren Says:

    Yes, sigh… our heritage, whether built or natural, just always has to make way for the gears of progress and civilization. When will it all end? When Bukit Timah is finally swallowed up by condominiums? When Sungei Buloh is reclaimed for the newest biochemical industrial complex? :(

  4. Weiteck The Great Says:

    must look on the bright side mah ppl…we have more poor ppl now, more GST, more pay for the ministers, more gamblers due to IRs, more foreigners, more expensive this & then…we can’t just look @ thing that is vanishing…
    Singapore is managed by very talented ppl, who are worth more pay!
    be happy

  5. veto Says:

    The sound is so cute….

  6. Basil Says:

    wah got my name sia. hahahaha

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