the mrbrown show: Bak Chor Mee Man 2

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You must pay top dollar for top talent. You must pay top dollar for top talent. Did I mention, you must pay top dollar for top talent?

Podcast iconPodcast: the mrbrown show 19 April 2007: Bak Chor Mee Man 2 (MP3, file size: 2mb, Time: 00:04:05)


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102 Responses to “the mrbrown show: Bak Chor Mee Man 2”

  1. AH Huat Says:

    I listen already really cannot tahan myself but to laugh out loud loud. Think the whole office can hear me liao.
    MB, you really hit the nail on the spot man.
    Well done again, Keep it up!

  2. bang bang Says:


  3. Dargen Says:


    nice nice….

  4. Relief teacher Says:

    wonderful piece of work

  5. thekonhawk Says:

    Whoa!! The Bak-Cho Mee Man sure come back with a Big Entrance, eh? Maybe we should continually to have more Hawker scenes. :)

    Great Job!!!

  6. Jaron Says:

    This is simply the best take on the pay hike now… Mr. Brown FTW!

  7. Someone Says:


  8. BL Says:

    I can’t help but laughing so loud in my lab that everyone ask me what is going on. This podcast is one of the best so far. :)

  9. Terrance Says:

    Yet another classical piece of work…! =D

  10. Purple Says:

    Ya! Totally agreed with everyone, it’s too good. :D
    But hor, wait white horse might get jealous lar.. U more popular than him.. After he’ve done so much & we the citzens not being appreciative ar.. hahahaha

  11. JJ Says:


  12. fynyx Says:

    Dear mrbrown,

    Let me join many before, in saying: well done!
    You’ve managed to get Bak-chor-mee man to succinctly
    summarise all the salient points from both sides,
    in a clear & entertaining way,
    that heartlanders like us can empathise with.

    To continue on a cheeky note:
    more hawker podcasts,
    and you see more real hawkers being phased out,
    on excuse of hygiene & upgrading concerns;
    and then the war intensifies on our favourite local food,
    for reasons of health!
    Onwards toward an even more monolithic society!

  13. tt Says:

    Gonna be a Classic manz!!! Gd work ;P

  14. jenaluc Says:

    well done! :)

    we, the masses should spread this podcast around, so as to spread the glory of mrbrown. :p

  15. Ax Says:


    we will spread this podcasts!!

  16. Mr Yellow Says:

    Tak kong!

  17. Joe Says:

    Classic. :) Well done!

  18. Yajirobe Says:

    Wish you can slip in the line:
    “I don’t want price to be the reason people selling bak chor mee; but i don’t want price to be the reason people not to sell bak chor mee”

  19. GOD Says:

    Whahaha! “Later your mother and daughter become meat!!!!” WHAHAHHAHAHAHA!

    MB, you are godly sent and super creative! LOL! laughed the hell out especially towards the end of the podcast.

    You use their words !exactly! and its so damn funny! I’m lovin’ it!
    You must becareful though, MB. They have all the power and now even more money, might try all thier means to silence you.. its Black and dark down here…. though it seems to be bright.. thats Singapore… sorrows to all Singaporeans… Don come singpaore, Mr/Miss/Mrs foreigner. you will definitely regret it!

    haha! i want more podcast like this! i am even willing to pay to listen! whahaha!

  20. dareklam Says:

    this one better than reading newspaper… nice!

  21. Joe Says:

    Foreign Talent for Gahmen.

  22. mrbrownfan Says:

    GOD, I think he said “maid” lah, not “meat”.

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    […] BCMM 2 Aaaand the Bak Chor Mee Man is baaack! […]

  24. DOM the Clown Says:

    Dear Mr Brown,
    Wah piang! This one damn solid!!!! Thanks!

    ps: 82 vs 2???? No way! The 82 Albino Vampires are being exorcised by Father Brown………slowly but surely!!!

  25. GOD Says:

    Its meat! its talking about ba chor mee! the original is maid but here is meat la! haha. =)

  26. Bevin Says:

    That was bloody hilarious man. Keep it up!!! Mr Brown is the funniest Singaporean on the web

  27. Local Talent Says:

    Good work!

  28. Libertas Says:

    This was by far the best podcast I have heard Mr Brown! Except for maybe the “Mai Hum / My Hump” one!

  29. Read This Says:

    Why are Singaporeans leaving?
    (Think Centre)
    08 April 2007 by Leong Sze Hian
    Why are Singaporeans leaving and may not be returning, when it is the best place in the world for expats to live and work, and the best for quality of life in Asia?
    Singapore has been voted as the top choice of location for expats in the world and also the best asian city in the 2007 Worldwide Quality of Living Survey by Mercer Human Resource Consulting. The Senior Minister has voiced his concerns about Singapore’s brain-drain. So, why are Singaporeans leaving and may not be returning, when it is the best place in the world for expats to live and work, and the best for quality of life in Asia?

    The answer may lie in some statistics for the last year or so……”

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    […] Bak Chor Mee Man 2 This was simply such a Hilarious podcast by Mr Brown that everyone must listen to! This certainly made my day! […]

  31. No Fear Says:

    The pay hike is a big thing but there is another thing tat will affect singaporean. Tat is plastic bag issue. They are forcing to tranfer the charges to consumer so tat company will have more profit. no matter what, we still need to use plastic bag to throw rubbish. nw we might need to buy the black thrash bag to throw rubbish. if gamen wats to stays green, y open up ubin again? y dont use electric car?(bec of revenue in petrol?) US gamen rebates those who buy hybride car to stay green. s’pore gamen neh? green my foot. its all abt money! think they use this chance to implement many bad things at one goal so tat they get bombard one time only. worth ah!

  32. CelluloidReality(s) Says:

    I love it!

  33. lol Says:

    5 stars!!!! Great work, brighten up my day!!!

  34. Ari Says:

    So funny…. so damn funny…. i love the part about the not linking the chopsticks price to the bak chor mee price…. how ‘true’.

  35. Hulkamania Says:

    Its a piece of Art! May the force be with you and may this Bak Chor Mee saga be glorified! Cheer Bro!

  36. Surf Says:

    i’m loving it

  37. classiclicious Says:

    so funny. thanks.

  38. Zero2moro Says:

    Maybe can add this ?

    ok lah, ok lah. Since you all talk so much, I will donate the extra money to charity for the next five years.

  39. Ex-NSmen Says:

    LOL!… This is a good one! Especially when the hawker rants like a mad man when his customers start thinking about other choices.

    Good one Mr Brown!

  40. Crescent Says:

    Excellent !
    Another classic !

  41. Desmond Lim Says:

    *clap* *clap* *clap* …

  42. » Blog Archive » links for 2007-04-20 Says:

    […] the mrbrown show: Bak Chor Mee Man 2 You must pay top dollar for top talent. You must pay top dollar for top talent. Did I mention, you must pay top dollar for top talent? (tags: satire funny politics singapore) […]

  43. Michael Says:

    *To the Point* *Hope the Mee Siam man can understand* *This is a new generation* * All the Excuses given are so stupid, Raise GST to help the poor, my toes are laughing* *What have the Government become?* *Raise the Ministers pay to market, then in these case, take away the pensions* *Singaporean are no longer naive anymore. *Wait and see the next election* *66.6% become the decline of your voter, Mee Siam man*

  44. Necro Says:

    u got paypal for me to donate some contribution? I feel that its a sin not to “pay top dollar” for something so “transformational”, haha

  45. Chewing Gum Says:

    Perhaps your should add the line that the hawker helper request the customer to “Move On’. Hahahahaha….

  46. ykl Says:

    Powdahful man! Spread the word!

  47. emigre Says:

    It’s very funny and yet I’m not laughing.

  48. fm Says:

    mrbrown’s bar chor mee episodes are so yummy. :D

  49. the man Says:

    hawker will corrupt your bak chor mee if you dont allow them to increase to $6.00 they will reduce your mee and others food. So you only eat with a empty bowl.

  50. Warren Buffett Says:

    Why peg to 8 richest bosses who do business in that estate? Should peg to restaurants, high class cafes, etc. Better linkage.

    If Bak Chor Mee Man don’t sell in hawker center, he can sell in restaurant.


  51. mushroomx Says:

    lol. got 50 comments means must be damn good. funny funny..

  52. BooBoo Says:

    Well Done…Mr brown….i always wonder whether you will be the opposition party in the parliment..U got my vote….:)

  53. Sian Says:

    Just wanted to add a comment to add to the statistics. Haha

    PS: ever wonder y so many ba chor mee stalls are familee business?

  54. fan Says:

    Vely good, Mr. Brown, vely good!

  55. Jos Says:

    Wao Lau erh! I think kena snooked by this donation organisation lah. Can anyone tell me whether donations are also subject to GST? I don’t know exactly the name but something like “rainbow kids” charged GST for donations leh. They also collect GST to pay top dollars for leaders too?

  56. CJ Says:

    haha! i laughed so loud that i think almost woke up my sleeping parents! nice one :)

  57. irritated Says:

    Excellent job on the bah chor mee and Wolfowitz. Don’t fault Mr Brown for doing such a good job and giving people an “alternative” point of view. Nothing wrong with being critical. The post-65 generation is a generation that will be hard to please.

  58. lbh Says:

    chio kah peng!

  59. Henry Says:

    Knew this one had to be in the pipeline, and you did it without Miyagi’s help! Your kids must be so proud of daddy!

  60. ann Says:


  61. Chan Says:

    Another brilliant production, as usual. Keep it up!!

  62. J Says:

    Hahaha! It’s good and illustrates the point across very well.

    But since everyone seems to be on ONE side … have you ever considered the other civil servants who will also benefit from the salary revision?

    You must admit there’s some truth in words of the Bar Chor Mee Man. We all feel lousy for workng hard and getting underpaid. Why wldn’t ministers feel the same?

    The chinese proverb says every extra cent contributes to the quality (loosely translated).

    Now everyone who wants to live comfortably can aspire to be a minister. And as long as the ministers are doing their job to run the country, I do not really care if they are doing it for the money or for altruistic reasons. Just do their job can liao.

    I also support the ‘customers’ in the podcast lah. But just want to leave an alternative view here. Cheers.

    Thanks MrBrown for lighting up our otherwise mundane lives. Keep up the good job!

  63. SGFRAG.NET Says:

    […] […]

  64. David C Says:

    Wait, what civil service salary revision.

    My colleagues who are Army regulars will not be receiving any pay increase at all.

  65. Lao Peng Yew Says:

    Do not listen to podcast when eating breakfast ! (or Bak Chor Mee) I have to clean my milk and cereal -stained computer monitor. Still laughing…
    Wahlau, Bak Chor Mee Ep.2 sequel is even better than Ep.1. Chio kar peng (laugh until flipped over).
    Thanks Mr Brown. You make my day.

  66. WheresKarma? Says:

    Good Job, but still i find the comparison not close enough. i know it is just a comparison but it does not sound rediculous enough compare to the facts, although it is already rediculous.

    1st that Elite Bak Chor Mee Stall should be selling at $12. (average is $2.50-$3, those already considered high price will be $4[US president’s pay] so that store should be 3 times of $4 = $12)

    So they are doing a step increase from $12 to $20, and then next year $28 per bowl of Bak Chor Mee!

    This is the exact rediculous situation we are talking about. Only but these figures we can let our people understand this so called justified pay hike is simply rediculous, it is a never ending greediness.

  67. NCP Says:

    somebody said brown presented well for both sides.
    I don’t know if greed has any other side.
    when someone thought he has a say, he actually has none.
    shame on you…and please don’t put on so serious a face…

    guess the bla bla side is best enjoyed by most pathetic lot…sad.

  68. Quincey Says:

    Absolutely brilliant. satire at it’s very best.

  69. MB New Fan Says:

    The power of the word of mouth advertising! A friend gave me a wrong link to Mr Brown Show…… Somehow I managed to cut away the unneccessary syntax to get to the right link. You hit the nail in the coffin !

    WAH LIAO!!! You are so TOK KONG!!!!!!! I must also develop this unconscious competence in SINGLISH.

  70. Chump Says:

    dear all, my friends in all sectors including teachers are not paid an increment at all.. only a min lump sum to shut up their mouths. cheat!

  71. Quirkiekai Says:

    Classic! Love it, every sentence is spot on! Wooooot!!

  72. vvvsotong Says:

    wa lah a…So solid one… see so many comments, also must join to praise MB. thank u. well done…
    can MB do something on recycle plastic bags.

  73. MyWebbie Says:

    Mb rocks… Bak Chor Mee Man is finally back again! lol…

  74. benjamin Says:

    learn a lesson from this folks. please be careful with your vote in future.

    even if there is no good opposition, a good vote in the right direction will encourage better parties next time.

    let us not vote blindly, nor sentimentally, nor fearfully again.

  75. MK Says:

    My friends in civil service get less than 5% if any.

    I also quite like the part where the workers disagreed with the boss, but voted for him anyways… hope the 66.6 can wake up.

  76. AsiaPundit » Blog Archive » links for 2007-04-25 Says:

    […] SINGAPORE - Bak Chor Mee Man 2 “You must pay top dollar for top talent. You must pay top dollar for top talent. Did I mention, you must pay top dollar for top talent?” […]

  77. Greedy Pig Says:

    We should all enjoy MB’s satire or is there more serious note that can be left here?

    Greed - GreeD - GreED - GREED!!!

    Hope you carry all your millions with you! No shame! Don’t know what is tolerable level still - ask for more, why stop here. This is not top dollar yet…don’t be shy…It is OK - all citizen will buy anything the media-savy you put up - you have conditioned us all in talking about $ only, nothing else…

    SAD Singapore…Sad me, happy you.

  78. i like uhu glue Says:


    great podcast!!!

    laughing my ass off….

  79. whitecat Says:

    Singaporeans are cowards. They can only complain non stop. But when called upon to act to their will - example vote, or give honest comments.. nobody dare to voice out. Cowards ! Singaporens ! Please keep to what you complaint. If you don’t want the expensive Bak Chor Mee, please stop buying the Bak Chor Mee ( Puns intended ). Don’t today complain, tomorrow say ” Bro lets go eat Bak Chor Mee ..! ” Puikk ! ( add phlegm ! )

  80. mel tan Says:

    wow lau want everything cheap cheap go malaysia or indonesia la
    petrol lagi cheap very childish la ah beng more classic la

  81. ht Says:

    do mind me putting this podcast on my blog? I will put a link to your site. if no just drop me a mail. thanks.

  82. Hail Mr Brown Says:

    Great podcast, since the owner say the cure for that is a good dose of bad ba chor mee…but why don’t the customer think that the cure this is to have another ba chor mee stall setup to prove that the ba chor mee man should not be the only ba chor mee stall there…!!!

  83. Think! Says:

    Hilarious…and it makes me HUNGRY! :(..and no Bar Chor Mee around.

  84. YZQ Says:

    Much bytes, ink, saliva has been spent on this issue. All I can say is: Be a History student.

  85. JJ Says:

    WAH… So Shiok, Man! I’m listening in as a Singaporean in Boston. Wait… Isn’t 666 the mark of the beast?
    Singaporeans in Singapore need to wake up and smell the vinegar in the Bar Chor Mee… otherwise, we will all be eating Mee Siam mai harm with only one chopstick.

  86. Samuel Kim Says:

    Wa lau eh~! Kena conned. Singapore lure blur ang moh (eh… ang moh in disguise) like me with clean and safe place to live then… WAH! Kena taxed at 15% of salary I received in U.S., per diem, and housing my company paid for… about 10,000 SGD in tax for working in Singapore for 4 months! Pay uncle Lee ang pau money, then pay TOP talents ang pau money, then I boh lui liao. These Singaporeans damn clever. Tax the blur ang moh till nose bleed. On top of it all, my English spoil liao. Blady sheet.

  87. Teacher Says:

    A +++ ***

  88. I like Chicken Seafood Tang Says:

    i should think that the residents in that estate ask for it. who ask them to voke for the same bak chor mee man time after time. if more residents voke for other stalls such as the chicken rice or fish ball noodles … then the bak chor mee uncle won’t have enough power to raise his price mah !!!! if dun wanna the uncle to sell anymore then dun voke for him lor… throw in empty vodka also good… i will continue to support “Potato Pancake”.
    “Chicken Seafood Tang” uncle rocks !!! his seafood conservancy fees didn’t increase for so many years …

  89. Francis Says:

    Wahahaha, u r the last hope for ordinary singaporeans, keep up the good work.

  90. Francis Says:

    Wahahaha, your show gives the ordinary singaporean a moment to forget their daily worries, keep up the good work.

  91. John chew Says:

    It is my bad karma to be born here in Singapore.. May our Greedy leaders have Bad Karma… Die also dont want to die here in Sinkapore..

    Hope to be born in other countries in my next life…

    To all Foreigners, dont ever land here in Singapore, you will surely regret!!!

  92. Nicholas Says:


    this is soooo funny. im not greedy!!

  93. NCP Says:

    Wah, just received garhmen letter wants to give me $400 to offset GST!
    anyone know the bank ac # of our ministers can publish here leh.
    since they are so underpaid, I’ll donate the $400 to one of them. I like mr. mah - he’s cute…maybe the $400 will go to his a/c.

  94. darren Says:

    you should join politics, everyone will vote for you.

  95. flyingcolour Says:

    Wonderful! Mr Brown Show Roxs! This is so funny! hahahaha!

  96. WadTheMan Says:

    lolz…this 2 customer not lyk real singaporean…if it was me…

    “tock tiao ar! aneh gui…ai si ar! mai jia liao la!”

  97. rich4747 Says:

    If so expensive, I would flip the birdie at his lameass excuses and leave…

  98. Freddie Tan Says:

    Two thumbs up. Very good. Think this theory applies to all issue to come.

  99. arastal Says:

    haha that was soo funny! go hear the one on the maid one july 2006 post.

  100. drofnats Says:

    a lot of hidden meanigns lol

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  102. Justin Tan Wen Cong Says:

    Who is Bak Chor Mee Man?

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