Bak Chor Mee Stall CCTV

Note: This post does not contain a podcast/vodcast. It’s only about a photo a reader sent in about a CCTV at a Bak Chor Mee Stall. For the dozens of people who are trying to download the ‘Bak Chor Mee’ podcast, it is here.

Bak chormee CCTV
Dowan tur kua better say

Proving that life is never too far off from bloggers’ fiction, reader Derrick Sim emailed me this photo he took of a bak chor mee stall in Hougang that had a CCTV installed.

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25 Responses to “Bak Chor Mee Stall CCTV”

  1. gladys Says:

    how to watcH?

  2. Dragonos Says:

    I also don’t know how to watch…

  3. miyagi Says:

    Erm… it’s just a photo.

  4. miyagi Says:

    You just look at it can already.

  5. reroyu Says:

    i dropped my wallet at my theory test
    some indian took it
    the people at Comfort Driving Centre uses CCTV to caught that culprit.

    i got back my wallet with all the money thx to the CCTV

  6. tan Says:

    I cannot find the video / podcast on the Bak Chor Mee CCTV thing…. has it been forever removed from the internet or what? How I get to watch it?

  7. smallbuttz Says:

    I oso don’t know how to watch it and i really wan to watch it coz a lot of my fren say very nice.

  8. miyagi Says:

    The photo in this post is just a photo. The podcast can be downloaded here.

  9. Bak Chor Mee Man Says:


  10. a beng Says:

    i have itunes but still can’t…how?

  11. Grace Says:

    u see lo… some pple computer hab one arh… u ask ard la… like tammy’s video pple also hab

  12. p00hberry Says:

    miyagi! i only 10yrs old but love u guys. wa lao eh I WANT WATCH

  13. weijie Says:

    hey this its a hot hit.its played at anglican high sch’s annual sports meet

  14. lele Says:

    how to listen??

  15. palpal Says:

    i tot there’s a audio?

  16. me Says:

    hw 2 hear?????????????????????????????!!!!!!!!!!!???????????????

  17. dirtMonster Says:

    is that mee pok store under the same room as punggol nasi lemak?

  18. TheHelper Says:

    My Mutant Power is to help u watch this video!!!!!!Go to the persistantly non-political podcast no.6!!!!

  19. fattypiang Says:

    it can be downloaded at the persistently no-political podcast 6

  20. curious person~ :P Says:

    heya….. wad persistently no-politicial podcast 6???? Where… Must say propely… wish to dl ya… plz help :).

  21. curious person~ :P Says:

    btw… Thankx… i already noe le… hahax…. :).



  23. -.- Says:


  24. so lame Says:

    Alamak this nt a video la… it’s onli a mp3 type file… zzz… go search
    for [ persistently non-political pod cast no.6 ] … after listening i think u may faint or something… quite crappy

  25. =.='' Says:

    OMG!!! i thought miyagi had already said that it is onli a picture … he still say if you want to d/l it just click his (here) that word…