Los Angeles Day 5, Universal Studios, Battlestar Galactica post-production room


We were at Universal Studios for a meeting and got a chance to visit the bits of the studios that tourists cannot go to. And yes, we got to meet the guys who do post-production on BSG. When we were there, they were working on Season THREE!!!

Yes, we saw a little of the footage from Battlestar Galactica Season 3 (the Cylons were not fully rendered CG yet, in that scene we saw), and asked them about the “someone-being-shot” scene we saw in the Comic-con season 3 trailer. We were told a nice little nugget about that shot-in-the-forehead scene. Heheh.


The post-production guys were real friendly and we are looking forward to the completion of their fine work.


Apparently, the Season 2 cliffhanger was originally 2 hours long and had to be trimmed down, so it was a lot of work for them. I hope the long version makes it to the DVD set.

Very thrilling stuff.

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  2. Me Says:

    I think the website should be renamed to the BrownAndMiyagiShow.com

    Don’t think it’s fair to have mr brown take all the glory…

  3. me too Says:


  4. Shengwei Says:

    Omg i didnt know u like BG too :) i thought i was the only one in singapore who knew an d watched the show. (well its true for my circle of friends at least.) any info on when season 3’s starting?

  5. Ah Meng Says:

    Any older, all of us 40+ will be seeing remakes of Wonder Woman, Captain America (the one on the motorbike), Six-Million-Dollar-Man (of course with inflation now probably USD1billion), Man from UNCLE (now A-GUAR), and a whole host.

    PS: I heard Star Trek XI is on the set now!!! Check out http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0796366/

    Geez - I want my mommy!

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  7. BradM Says:

    BSG makes me randy… can’t wait to see season 3. :)