Johnny Rockets rocks!

Our last evening in USA and we go to Johnny Rockets, the one at Hollywood and Highland.

Great burgers and Malted shakes. This one is my Butterfingers Shake. With peanut butter goodness. Yum.

Road Trip: Los Angeles Day 8

Very Happy Days look inside. Really felt like an Old School diner.

Road Trip: Los Angeles Day 8

I had the Route 66 burger (grilled mushrooms and onions, Swiss cheese & mayonnaise). Shiokness.

Road Trip: Los Angeles Day 8

Two of my mates had the Smoke House (Tillamook Cheddar cheese, thick bacon, crisp onion rings and bbq sauce).

We also tried their Apple Pie ala mode, very good too.

Lucky we don’t eat this stuff every day. Sure fat one.

11 Responses to “Johnny Rockets rocks!”

  1. jazzy Says:

    hi.. i am a fan of
    visited de site everyday..

    where r all ur podcast??
    make more funny podcast!!! i love ur podcast..

    n do more of de Zhng My Car..
    love it man..

    keep up de gd work.. dude!

  2. Lincoln Says:

    Do the staff still dance around to 60’s music ??

  3. zhihao Says:

    mb, migrating soon? =P

  4. mywebbie Says:

    Route 66? Hmmm sounds familiar… oOoO… is the disney animated movie “Cars”! haha…

  5. cheryl Says:

    the burgers look awesome. and i’m looking at this post just before lunch. talking abt zhng my car… will there be a revival of “zh-onnyyy”

    neways, do check out and lend your support. :)

  6. Matsukaze Says:

    wow… that’s B.I.G man…

  7. picochu Says:

    Well Route 66 is the first Highway that span across US.I think it is decommissioned. Anyway, as far as burgers go. I’d vote for In N Out. Try the 4×4 or if you can 8×8 :)

  8. in&out Says:

    You should try the In & Out Burger joints if you’re at the west coast of USA. Their burgers rock!

  9. tazzy1972 Says:

    the best burgers and fries i have eaten in my life is in & outs :-) try it before coming back

  10. deepdish Says:

    too bad u r not around the mid-west…Culver’s kicks ass

  11. boogeyman Says:

    oi I tot you say cannot eat stuff lke tat already??? I tot wanna slimming?? ahhh….die show your mudder….


    good stuff man…..i MUST go try it one day