the mrbrown show: native speakers corner

Native Speakers Corner

Ruby Pan guests! Singapore starts the Native Speakers’ Corner to prepare us for the IMF.

This mrbrown show is sponsored by Imaginary Friends Studios.

Podcast iconPodcast: the mrbrown show 5 Sept 2006: native speakers corner (MP3, file size: 2.1mb, Time: 00:05:06)


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43 Responses to “the mrbrown show: native speakers corner”

  1. Jack Says:

    Ze Ruby’s français accent iz very good…

    I give up… Can’t do it.. -_-”

    The French accent was so good and funny. It is so true that some Singaporeans react how mb react the first time. Very ‘native’.

    mb’s second reaction reminds me of a certain hotel opposite Millennia Walk where they walk you to the toilet..

    Totally enjoyed it.

  2. Jack Says:

    I meant the podcast.. Not the ‘escorting’ to the toilet.. Hahaha..

  3. mokshore » Blog Archive » Use Public Says:

    […] The mrbrown Show is hilarious. The latest is the mrbrown show: native speakers corner […]

  4. John Says:

    Put Ruby and Miyagi in a room, and the United Nations is pretty well represented!

  5. Skipper Says:

    Fantastic guys! Ruby’s accent is so native French lor.
    Standing ovation to the podcast!

  6. jabroni Says:

    Ruby is just phenomemal!

    Her ability to produce near perfect accents is totally mind blowing and really hilarious

  7. ET Says:

    Nice dig at “mai hum” lol

  8. Wenjin Says:

    Yesterday indonesian accent, today french, whats next tomorrow?

  9. zhihao Says:

    neat… perhaps get Ruby to do another version in with German accent… danke
    cheers =P

  10. katie Says:

    She is very good! Very good!

  11. lunatic_fringe Says:

    Great voices all!

    It’s not easy to reproduce accents as you need to have a good listening ear as well. :-)

    Kudos and bouquets to Ruby and Mr Miyagi…

    If you guys ever want to visit a toastmasters club, let me know!


  12. teddycuddlybear Says:

    Elle est magnifique
    Est-ce qu’elle est célibataire?

    She is so one talented + hot + gorgeous woman with depth!

  13. Forseti Says:

    Absoutely wonderful~~~Would love to noe how ruby is able to master those accents~

  14. mythx Says:

    Ruby should be a permanent fixture in mb’s podcasts!!!!
    She’s so darn good!

  15. Mac Web Hosting Says:

    Damn, I almost sprayed my Apple Display with Tuna!!!! That was class - Ruby is truely a star :)

  16. rachel Says:

    haha! love it. very singaporean. the french accent was perfect too. if all singaporeans spoke like that. ‘tasty vermicilli dish’. indeed!

  17. onlyme Says:

    Hilarious!!! Totally dig Ruby Pan…she’s great and such a pity she’s going to be a teacher. She would make a great commedian! On the other hand, her students are going to adore her!

  18. coolmosz Says:

    Yes, Ruby did a great job… I work in a French company, when I heard Ruby, I thought I heard my colleague in France speaking! I believe Ruby is a multilinguist? She knows the phonology and phonetics of the French language, that’s why she is able to do what she does - apply those to English and you’ll have French-accented English.

  19. frequenz Says:

    Great stuff out there! Ruby, you rock big time!!! I take my hat off!

    You guys really make my day bright!!! Hiam.. not Hump..

  20. Janey Says:

    Alamak! What’s wrong with you people, since when the French are native English speakers Lah! The native language of the French is French Mah! Don’t you know? The Gahmen thinks all White men are native English speakers. Can you don’t be like them, or not??
    But Actually Hor, your podcast is so Funnnnny. LOL.

  21. daniel Says:

    My compliments to Ruby. Saw her first in the ‘talkingcock in parliament’ clip was was totally amazed at her verbal dexterity and ability to switch from one accent to another *snaps fingers* just like that.

    *clap, clap, clap*

  22. dramamama Says:

    OMG this is soooo funny!!!

  23. vive Says:

    Luby Pan Locks!!!

  24. the seeker Says:

    hilarious shite…. laughing my arse off…. full of MERDE! aniweis, brilliant job mrbrown!

  25. Boboman Says:

    Le podcast bien! J’aime Mlle Ruby Pan :-)

  26. Wenjin Says:

    Maybe she half singaporean her french

  27. dozermk Says:

    Wah the Luby Phan velly the good neh where se learn to speak like dat? email me her details can?

  28. whispersfromtheheart Says:

    MM says we must learn to be Paris. So, Ruby is co-opted to teach us how to speak English with french accent ….

    I like! I like! Aunty also want to learn so I can go interview at Crazy Horse Revue for a job leh …

    Ok, b4 u naughty boys have any funny ideas hor, I going to be tea lady there only

  29. monsier pierre Says:

    haha so funny… after poisoned with french english for 180 days. I certify Ruby english is 100% french. :-p

  30. littlecartnoodles Says:

    ROOOOBEEEEEEEEE !!! I wanna have your baby !!!!!!!!!!

  31. imagawayaki Says:

    i dunno it french =b i tot it is english

  32. lalala Says:

    wow! ruby’s french-accented english is so purrrrfect she sounds just like what my french teacher would sound like.. bravo!

    she must have picked up some french before, judging by how she pronounced the “r” in e.g the word rude.

  33. Wenjin Says:

    Click my name to enter my blog as I wrote about my best 5 favorites of Bak Chor Mee mostly areound western areas of Singapore!

  34. Mysterial Says:

    Lol. You just had to bring up mee siam mai hum.

  35. gkw83 Says:

    i know i am not suppose to post this here.I would like to ask wat had happened to zhng my car…….It’s been a long time since the zhng X!!!i beleive there are people like me who come to to see if zhng my car 11 is out.

  36. K Says:

    Correcting local dialect of leaders when leaders busy correcting local english! Thoroughly enjoy your podcasts. Laugh and laugh and smile and smile.

  37. zHuAz Says:

    eh, I can speak native Indian Engrish leh, can go your show anot ah? heh.

    Yiingrish, mai hum.

  38. Bruce Says:

    Amazing job guys! Ruby, you are fantastic! BTW guys, can you do an online radio station that does 24hours broadcasting your shows? I can’t get enough of it!

  39. Pat Says:

    Ruby is MAGNIFIQUE!!! Should make her a regular since is 阳盛阴衰…

  40. in&out Says:

    I’m a native singaporean, so my native language is singlish lor.

  41. dp Says:

    MORE Ruby Pan PLEASE !!!!!!!

  42. JO. Says:

    The french accent is MARVELLOUS! :D 2 thumbs up!!!

  43. justpassingby Says:

    Eh, I is got questions ah. Standard English got say “if you not used to taking spicy food” one meh? I tot must say “consuming” instead of “taking”… i donch know eh, got or not hah?

    Like I think the angmoh native speakers tot wait you say want to “take along” that kind of “take” instead of “eat” that kind of “take”. Out there is got native speakers or not hah? Who know the answer? Say leh… but donch use the English cheem cheem one can?