the mrbrown show: the tyler creasman interview

Tyler Creasman

13-year-old Tyler Creasman is our guest! His Engrish very the can, ok?

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Podcast iconPodcast: the mrbrown show 8 Nov 2006: the tyler creasman interview (MP3, file size: 5.1mb, Time: 00:10:42)


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31 Responses to “the mrbrown show: the tyler creasman interview”

  1. Charis Says:

    Whahaha.. Ty, not bad eh? ;) Still can lah, but go intl school cannot forget how to speak singlish k? ;P Next time come our house, Clara says she wants you to repeat the whole Sgt Light Brown performance for us.. Bwahaha.


  2. Charis Says:

    Whahaha, Ty not bad eh? ;) Still can la.. but go intl school cannot forget how to speak Singlish k? Next time come our house Clara says she’s gonna force you to repeat the whole Sgt Light Brown thing.. Bwahahah.


  3. Candy Yang Says:

    Hello from sydney!

    Today this show! :D It’s a little bit no topic but yeh…Tyler your singlish rocks! even though i feel can still work on it. haha but great effort dude! keep up the singlish! lol :D
    You make me laugh Mr Brown Thx :D

  4. Ian Says:

    steady lah…. love it when i see an angmoh speaking exactly like a sporean. upz for u tyler

  5. Rachel Says:

    Haha! His Singlish accent is perfect. He could have said more though.

  6. tobey Says:

    Cool man…
    Am a die hard fan of Mr Brown Show…
    Loving ya show everyday ah!!!

    Tyler, you rock man…
    Didn’t know we were neighbours…

    Keep up the good work guys…

  7. b Says:

    is it just me, or does his accent change like 7 times throughout the podcast.

  8. MOCHS Says:

    Wow, his ‘ang moh’ accent and singlish accent are so different!

  9. Rae Says:

    i loved his american (is he american?) accent though. His singlish in his rendition at the ICS was really good too. 2 thumbs up!

  10. ahhaaha Says:


  11. Rik Says:

    Mr Brown, you need to lighten up on the Singlish.

    Your the singrish ah… very the over you know. Must risten to speek good england campain. And speak good england.

    So what if tourists can’t understand what we’re trying to say… at least we have our own identity.

    We don’t go to Japan and expect them to speak proper English. Hell, even if they know English, there’s gonna be that THICK Japanese accent.

    So… tell the GAHMEN… KAUPEI AH!!

  12. pigkong Says:

    wah liew,ang mo can speak liddat

  13. ian Says:

    Rik is right. For as long as I’ve heard our #1 man LKY, he’s never sounded English. Nowhere near, as a matter in fact. His accent is unmistakeably Singaporean Baba.

    And I can’t think of anyone more elite than my man Harry on this whole island.

    So, yeah… tell the gahmen… kaupei ah!

  14. kb Says:

    forgive me for saying this but mr brown, you’re not cut out to be a host for a talkshow.. -_-

    for some reason, mb, you sound a little forced when speaking singlish..kind of over the top and too much. The topics kind of lame..the comments also. Can tell Tyler feels abit awkward when you made certain comments or when you brought up a topic..kinda dry la.

    But thumbs up for inviting him to be a guest. Tyler, not bad eh your singlish! Great American Accent too. =)

  15. nicole Says:

    ooh. he has a nice voice. love his american accent.

    but his singlish accent..not as much appeal ah.

  16. yasdnil Says:

    SO CUTE.

  17. paul Says:

    it seems quite a few people like the sound of Tyler’s American accent. If that’s really the case then our gahmen is right in proposing to get American teachers to teach our kids so that they might learn to speak English like Tyler when they grow up (with an American accent).

    kb, cut mb some slack lah. He was only trying to make the conversation natural and it’s not that easy when you’re talking to someone so different in age from you (ie, different experiences) and also someone whom you don’t know. I’m sure mb had to “think on his feet” and be quick so as to not let the talk be too awkward.

    I thought it was pretty ok, all in all though, and didn’t think anything of it. But telling mb he’s not cut out to be a host is rather harsh, I think, unless you’re very sure you’d do a much better job yourself.

    Lighten up, my friend. mb’s pretty good. Except he doesn’t seem to want to bring back Johnny and Zhng My Car… and SNE. Wussup with that mb??? Maybe you could at least tell us why so we wouldn’t keep waiting and hoping? Cheers.

  18. ling Says:

    he sounded a bit shy at first. you scare him la, mrbrown! give him pressure only.

    His mom sounds pretty cool though… seems like she’s a fan of yours, got in touch with you about Ty, and then passed around halloween candy so they can be passed around back to the kids.

    She quite hip, hor.

  19. aaron seet Says:

    very good show. Yes ! mr brown suck as a talk show host. I would think that Tyler could have said more stuffs. I am sure he can switch back and forth from singlish to american english if he wants to. next time you come back try like that one. you will be the talk of the town
    yes I am reading this while residing in hawaii. You shourl try hear hawaiian resident speak pidgin is more worst than anything else.

  20. Frost Says:

    he keeps zhao siah-ing. haha.

  21. ryhn Says:

    It’s time to give ruby her own show!
    ratings- *****
    -official from the ruby pan fanclub(juz jokin).

    PS: Ruby Pan ROX!!!

  22. kage Says:

    Wah!’dish’ ang moh veri the powder-ful!haha.Upz!

  23. WJ Says:

    This guy should be our National Icon. An embarrassment to those singaporeans who speak with a western slang, and demean those who speak singlish.

    They are singaporeans and cannot speak singlish, while this guy can? A national inspiration!

  24. Sipet Says:

    wahlau, kisia eh! i need to practise more singlish leh… though my england lou sai… we chinese lose 2 ang moh…

  25. Same Predicament Says:

    Hey! OMG!!!!! woah, that really shocked me! Tyler, your fantastic! Damn, it’s nice to know I’m not alone……I’m also American, but I still go to a local school….Always have, unfortunately….Haha! I watched the video on youtube, pure quality! Oh, and the way he kept a straight face throughout the whole thing, darn.TYLER, YOU ROCK!! make me feel like my england to chim for u!

  26. Its a asecret Says:

    Hey not bad very entertaining actually

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  28. LightningSparkles Says:

    Pro sia.He is like so awesome.Love his accent=).

  29. Isabella r Says:

    Loveiit..”..The 2 top things Singaporeans are scared of are..Ghosts and heights.”

  30. Isabella r Says:

    ..and white gahmens.

  31. COLLOQUIALISM « irreversible Says:

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