the mrbrown show: art to the heartlander

Long Kang Art

Is art in Singapore going down the drains? We explore ways to bring art to the heartlands!

This episode of the mrbrown show is brought to you by Advanced Medical Optics, maker of contact lens solution Complete Moisture Plus and Blink Eyedrops. AMO regrets to inform that the AMO Caltex House Roadshow on 23 – 24 November has been cancelled. Apologies for any inconvenience caused.

Podcast iconPodcast: the mrbrown show 20 Nov 2006: art to the heartlander (MP3, file size: 3.2mb, Time: 00:06:35)


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18 Responses to “the mrbrown show: art to the heartlander”

  1. Gabriel Says:

    Hi. I think your podcasts are really nice so far. But its really quite disheartening when u defame art with such fart-toilet jokes. And Art-Appreciators are Not “losers” btw.

  2. fynyx Says:

    I have to agree with Gabriel,
    that the toilet jokes seem really repulsive, at first.
    It might seem offensive to heartlanders themselves,
    of which I am but one of so many,
    that such “art” is what we are capable of.

    But I do not understand what Gabriel means about
    art appreciators & “losers”
    – I cannot find any related reference to this in the podcast.

    Anyway, this is not the first time that toilet “shock” art
    has been portrayed in the show.
    Trackback 2006 Aug 14, on liquefied natural gas:
    and there was only 1 “negative” comment (#8) from wowwww,
    to which pagan responded (comment #15).

    Still, I think that even Picasso must have been frowned upon
    as crude & “incorrect” when he started off;
    today, with enough art appreciators, his works are high culture.

    The fact is, toilet “art” has been around for so long,
    but not talked about.
    Once again, the mr brown show has boldly gone
    where few of us want to go, unless we have to.

  3. fynyx Says:

    Apologies on the trackback error.

    I refer to my earlier comment (should be #2).
    The correct URL is
    The podcast date remains correct as August 14, 2006.

    I actually check my comments before sending,
    but failed to notice the last digit of the link was missing.
    (I hate errors.)

  4. E Says:

    I think the whole point of the podcast is to poke fun at the misguided attempts at “artsifying” Singapore actually. I feel sad that the NAC thinks state endorsed images in a canal - which looked like they were from some primary school wall mural - is graffiti art or even hip to any degree.

  5. O$P$ Says:

    that artwork behind the newscaster is done by somebody who actually owns many people money lol. the irony!!

  6. eve Says:

    Gabriel n fynyx:

    come on, mrbrown was kidding. chill.

  7. almost Says:

    haha. HAHAHA.

    I had a good laugh from listening to this epi.

    My philosophy in life is much simpler - if something is funny to me, i will laugh lor.

    besides, i don’t think it is Mr Brown’s intention at all to defame art.

    i like Mr brown for his meaningful yet meaningless humour. -.-

  8. Jedd the Jedi Says:

    I live nearby one of those drain artwork things and I don’t think they contribute to the arts scene very much. My Mum actually says they’re ugly! The toilet jokes are taking it a little too far, though. I’m still a fan, anyway. All the best, MB and team!

  9. bangala Says:

    do u think that u re going too far brown?

  10. JosH Says:

    Nice podcast! Keep it up, Mr Brown!

    N its really money down de drain if u ask me, why spend $10,000 on grafitti when there’s so many other ways to bring art to de heartlanders?

  11. hohum Says:

    bangala - how many times have people been saying what you’ve been saying haha. thank goodness brown never listened to them! PS Do you even watch south park or simpsons???

  12. Lester Says:

    This episode is really funny, i enjoyed it. Btw if you think that Mrbrown shows are ment to be taken seriously, you don’t belong here.So just listen to the podcast and laugh!

  13. Hannah Says:

    Money down the drain is money down the drain, literally. Even using money as toilet paper could have been been more useful. Isn’t that the central idea of this podcast?

  14. Sim Kay Meng Says:

    Mr Brown rocks!

  15. think Says:

    even mr brown is going too far, what can you do? =)

    i personally think mr brown has done an excellent job! :)

  16. kf Says:

    This is really funny. I support the arts and I don’t find anything objectionable with this podcast. If anything, there is more artistic and cultural quality in this free podcast than the $10,000 drain art. To me, I think the drain art is worse than sh*t.

  17. man Says:

    yeah…Mr Brown did’nt really intentionally defame art. Infact, he is simply pointing out that our NAC has simply gone too far. Who one earth would be interested in “admiring” pieces of “art” in canals. Plus the “art” looks more like graffiti which many people could do without much training. Seriously, NAC should be finding places more sensible to put art. Canals are just too out-of-the-world and no one, even the most art-educated will be able to appreciate the”art”

  18. Zaniel Says:

    Ummm… Hi Mr. Brown I really like your podcast’s so far, especially “bar chor mee”, “mee siam mai hum” and “We live in Singapura”.Keep it up, and you may well be one of Singapore’s most well-knowned person! If you ever reply to this comment, (though I know you most probably won’t)please tag my blog. it’s http//

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