the mrbrown show: guess that show contest review

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Find out what the 25 TV themes were in our contest, and who the winner is! Take a fun walk through memory lane with Mr Tan and mrbrown!

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4 Responses to “the mrbrown show: guess that show contest review”

  1. the mrbrown show » Blog Archive » We have a winner for the Guess That Show contest! Says:

    […]   « the mrbrown show: guess that show contest review […]

  2. fynyx Says:

    Hello mrbrown & Mr Tan,

    I am re-posting this response from the other Dec 26 post
    (We have a winner…), in case readers are interested…

    Hello everyone,

    - Original Response -

    Since the 25 show titles were read out rather quickly (twice),
    I thought I would list them down below.
    Consider this an essential transcript attempt from me.

    If you like, you can copy & paste this into the podcast:
    (in iTunes on Windows PC, right-click on Name, select Get Info,
    choose Lyrics tab, click & paste into given space)

    1) Quantum Leap
    2) Simon & Simon
    3) Northern Exposure
    4) Mad about You
    5) Hunter
    6) TJ Hooker
    7) Family Ties
    8) Perfect Strangers
    9) Growing Pains
    10) Murphy Brown
    11) Benson
    12) Cagney & Lacey
    13) Different Strokes
    14) Little House on the Prairie
    15) Highway to Heaven
    16) Police Story
    17) MacGyver
    18) The Banana Splits( & Friends Show)
    19) Hercules(: The Legendary Journeys)
    20) Who’s the Boss?
    21) SeaQuest DSV
    22) Bonanza
    23) Combat
    24) Mork & Mindy
    25) Scarecrow & Mrs King

    - End of Original Response -

  3. guil Says:

    wa lao. all question mark to me. nv see the shows before

  4. Overseas Singapore Beng Says:

    These are the 80s or early 90s ang mo programmes on the then channel 5. However, people like me grew up on chanel 8.. Mr Brown.. next time do channel 8 programmes la for “cheena” people like me leh.. dun neglect us! :D

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