Podcasting talk at Republic Polytechnic

Republic Polytechnic 3

Many thanks to all of you who came for my little podcasting chat at Republic Polytechnic last Friday. I was told by your lecturer that 400 of you were expected but 800 of you signed up and they had to move it to a bigger LT. Gosh, were there so many of you?

I had a really great time sharing ideas with you guys. I think it’s cool that all of you carry laptops and that you have no exams! But being graded daily must be quite a new experience.

Thanks again for being a great audience. I enjoyed sharing that little outtake of a video clip and some of the mrbrown shows with you. And hope to hear podcasts coming from you lot soon.

Here are some more photos from that day:

Republic Polytechnic 1

Teacher ask me question, I must try to give correct answer mah.

Republic Polytechnic 2

Going off to get your Creative Engagement Points. Wah, listen to mrbrown talk cock also can get CEPs leh!

Republic Polytechnic 4

mrbrown so old already also must act cute take photo, no shame one.

Republic Polytechnic 5

So many nice people at RP!

Republic Polytechnic 6

The poster used to publicise the talk. That will ALWAYS be the hairdo I am remembered for, I think!

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