the mrbrown show: growing and winning

Photo by Jordan Lewin

A song to share with all of you! Get uplifted and inspired with this great song.

Podcast iconPodcast: the mrbrown show 30 Jan 2007: growing and winning (MP3, stereo, file size: 4.9mb, Time: 00:05:17)


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10 Responses to “the mrbrown show: growing and winning”

  1. pokeymoan Says:

    I must say that they have sung it quite beautifully. Maybe my company should one too. -.-”

  2. Raider Says:

    Singing is EXCELLENT! You should come out with an album…

  3. Sam Singh Says:

    Eh, Raider, this is not sung by the Mr Brown team, I think. It was sung by the Shell people. Funny anyways. A new low for lame lyrics!

  4. Bawani Says:

    hey, where can i find d song…?? damn nice..

  5. Kath Says:

    The shareholders will be pleasedto hear that song. Amd the executives too.

  6. classiclicious Says:

    nice song. thanks for sharing :)

  7. fynyx Says:

    mrbrown, in your transcribed lyrics with the podcast,
    you were poking fun at the words & singing, right?

    (once again: in iTunes, right-click podcast Name,
    select Get Info, choose Lyrics tab)


    1) “We are all wieners…”
    — according to Wikipedia: Viennese? Hot dogs? Penises? –

    2) “spacevisionandstrategy [no spaces]…”
    (Huh? Duh… email address? web link?…
    …corporate outer space program?)

    The rest of the lyrics, you were laughing at their drawls, no?

    e.g. stanza (paragraph) 1:

    “assone” (ass no. 2? asshole?)
    “wohrrk” (saying this is hard work!)

    e.g. bridge:

    “butifwe” (howcanyou? sing allthis? anyonehelp??)
    “realiiiiise” (all those i’s!!! ooh, my eyes!!)

    Very funny.

    No wonder Lucy wanted to brand it a joke.
    look under heading: That Shell company song)

  8. Peanuts Says:

    Hey, excellent singing. If it is done by you guys, you should come up with an album. Nice song.

    Honestly, it is such things which motivates an employee.

  9. Opinion Says:

    This Got 3 Three Diffrent lyric.One Is By Michael Jackson Sang.Got Different type.The Other is Jackie Chan Sang By Hown Kien ,lol

  10. Red Says:

    Oh my goodness people! The Brown Show team is not parodying Shell! Shell has parodied itself (without realising it).

    I think Singapore’s national day songwriters could start a business selling their services to international corporations: writing chessy lyrics with grandiose sentiments to music out of a synthesiser, with the aim of keeping the oppressed employees happy and productive. How’s that for local entrepreneurship??

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