Go watch Hossan’s Multiple Personalities Disorder!

Hossan Leong poster

Instead of spending your money on things like Crazy Horse, go and buy tickets for the fabulously funny Hossan Leong’s stand-up show because it is really good! Support local humour!

And somemore is written by my good buddy Mr Miyagi, ok?

Drama Centre Theatre
31 Jan - 10 Feb 07
Tues to Sun: 8pm. Sat & Sun: 3pm & 8pm. (No shows on Mondays)
Tickets from Sistic: $50, $35, $20

Go to this link and buy your tickets NOW! Tickets are running out, I don’t bluff you!

4 Responses to “Go watch Hossan’s Multiple Personalities Disorder!”

  1. crayonland Says:

    hey mr brown… oh i see its very cool but u mind advertising my forums?.. i post your latest 5 podcasts.. =\.. so if you wouldnt mind its onlyisit.14.forumer.com =) Thank You

  2. mrtan Says:

    yo crayonland. thanks for your support, man. These days seems people take the show for granted and dont show the love :)

  3. crayonland Says:

    oh thanks mrtan for signing up .. mind telling me what u mean by entries. =) we fairfield methodist secondary love your podcasts =)

  4. Prima Says:

    Heya watched this play yesterday..though its a very safe criticism of Singapore and its ways, it provides a bundle of laughter as it is presented through the lenses of foreign celebrities. Each celebrity comes to Singapore, discovers an aspect of it that prevents them from establishing any sort of commitment to it. The “celebrities” that made me slap my thigh were Tom Jones, Joseph Estrada and Whitney Houston. Even the $20 ticket is worth it though the more expensive tickets would probably let you see Hossan’s facial expressions better

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