the mrbrown show: robot contest

Photo by Dan Coulter

The Singapore army is looking for a robot warrior and is giving away a million dollars prize money for the best one! Join now!

Podcast iconPodcast: the mrbrown show 5 Feb 2007: robot contest (MP3, file size: 5.9mb, Time: 00:06:24)


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7 Responses to “the mrbrown show: robot contest”

  1. elise Says:

    Hey! My first time posting here.. :D Kudos for the new audio thingy. Hence can play the podcasts right here on the site! More convenient! Gambatte!! :)

  2. Hai~Ren Says:

    If only those robots were real hahaha… then no need to do guard duty or go through IPPT liao.

    (Though I am trying to wonder how it is possible for a robot to do shuttle run, 2.4 km run, sit-ups, chin-ups and standing broad jump all at once)

  3. Weiteck The Great Says:

    …like that so advanced, the robots…next time dun need NS already…
    Workplace dun need workers…all of us no job in ther future…rot @ home…so sad…

  4. hijacker9173 Says:

    Hahaha..well done. ~!! We need to more of these robots~!!
    I like the one that can do IPPT.~!! hahaha…

  5. Jedd the Jedi Says:

    This is one of the funier ones of late, and is kinda cool! Love the Star Wars references. Great new function for the site! My favourite is still C4PO! Swear word, swear word!

  6. Requirre Says:

    SAF is always spending money on moronic stuff. How about a white horse scanner. Then no need to blatantly computerise the white horse biasness on their computer system already.

  7. Luke SkyWaker Says:

    You copy my name,Fist you copy my father (he is NOT MY FATHER)

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