Switch parody: A secret outtake (video)

Some time ago, we did a pair of video parodies (this and this) near the election period in 2006, based on the Apple Switch ads. This was when HDB blocks were suddenly clean and lift upgrading was the rage.

While my mates were busy setting up the set and testing the lights, I kinda hit record on the video camera and improv-ed this little outtake that was never shown.

Since I have a new Flash video player on the site to test (ya, like our own Youtube liddat), and since I already have the file, I thought you might enjoy this little clip. The students at Republic Polytechnic saw this in my presentation to them, and they were the first to ever see this behind-the-scenes silliness.

We have tons of other silliness on video to share, and when we have the time to pull those moments out, we’ll upload them for you as well.

10 Responses to “Switch parody: A secret outtake (video)”

  1. Lincoln Says:

    Funny as ever !

  2. omg Says:

    Omg, you sounds just like PCK.

  3. youdunno Says:

    I recommend this short movie which mocks Kim Jong Il and his special agents for buying Hennessy XO abroad :=)

    The full 30-minute movie can be watched and downloaded (in WMV or Flash format) at:


  4. MoNkEy Says:

    I llllllikkke….

  5. the mrbrown show » Blog Archive » Two new features on the mrbrown show site Says:

    […]   « Switch parody: A secret outtake (video) […]

  6. crayonland Says:

    lol jokers

  7. nekolux Says:

    OMG nice parody :P Good job…would have been better if u show wad u switched into though

  8. fynyx Says:

    Dear mrbrown,

    We agree that you sound (also) like Mark Lee.

    One day soon, will you be teaming up with
    Jack Neo, or Colin Goh & Woo Yen Yen,
    for “mrbrown: the Movie”?


  9. mrbrown fan Says:

    LOVE IT!!!!

  10. monster.ru Says:

    nice one! though a wee bit slow on this..

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