Two new features on the mrbrown show site

New Video Player

Some of you may have noticed two new features introduced on the mrbrown show site. The most obvious one is the Video Player that looks like the Youtube player. You can see it in the Switch outtake post below.

This means that you will be able to view any mrbrown show videos on the page itself, without needing to download the video files.

The high-quality video files in Quicktime and Windows Media Player format will still be available for the discerning fan who wants the, ahem, HD (Hurry-up Download) Experience, to download. Just right-click the video links and save to your PC.

If you are lazy or do not have Quicktime installed, our new built-in Video Player will let you partake of the mrbrown show video experience. You do need Flash installed though (if you don’t, please lah, give up the 286 PC liao lah).

New Audio Player

The second feature is an Audio Player. This is also a Flash thingamabob. The one with the audio icon and triangle play icon. Just click on the play icon and you can listen to the show on the site without need to download the file. You can still subscribe to the show (we highly recommend it) via iTunes or email, but this is another way to enjoy the audio show.

Have fun!

5 Responses to “Two new features on the mrbrown show site”

  1. john Says:

    mr brown nice one~~ good n fresh

  2. WJ Says:

    Hey, Mr Brown. Great addition.

    Now I can listen to all your podcasts and watch your videos without having to wait for the long downloads…

  3. Jedd the Jedi Says:

    Kinda cool new function! Should install a function where only the person seated directly in front of the computer can hear the podcast, so don’t kenna scolding from parents (Ah boy, go do homework! Ni zhen bu zi ai! Kan di di, so harworking! You neh? Everyday lissen the mrbrow sow pod..cast! Later fail your essams see how!) Alternatively, use a pair of headphones!

  4. marina Says:

    Mr Brown,

    May I know what software are you currently using for your streaming video and audio?

    Been searching for good ones to host directly on my web but have yet to find any… Odeo is getting too slow …

  5. mb Says:

    Our shows are hosted by, they specialise in podcasts and have very affordable plans.

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