the mrbrown show: singapore 2047

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Singapore is aiming for 6.5 million people in 2047! Get your NewFlat now!

Podcast iconPodcast: the mrbrown show 16 Feb 2007: singapore 2047 (MP3,stereo, file size: 4.5mb, Time: 00:04:51)


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12 Responses to “the mrbrown show: singapore 2047”

  1. fynyx Says:

    (I actually didn’t choose to be among the first to comment,
    but here I am at this time of the night/morning, so:)

    As I listened to Electric Girl’s lift announcements,
    a chill ran through me, as I was reminded in flashes,
    of dystopic utopias like the recent movie The Island,
    George Orwell’s 1984, and Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World.

    Thankfully, the later conversation over the flat application counter
    went back to good old Singaporean laughability & silliness.

    But the shiver remains over the future.
    New Sand Account — shriek.

  2. Andy Yeo Says:

    Wah…..Mr Brown……You giving 4D again……hahaha……

  3. Harro! Says:

    This is really really funny.

  4. DrapiT Says:

    Nice lol…

  5. fynyx Says:

    Er, mrbrown –

    Your intro above, to this podcast,
    “The newspapers declare … Rejoice!”
    is the same as yesterday’s (Feb 15: rising incomes. good times).

    Your intro at (the other blog) is OK, though;
    however, there is no post & link there for the Feb 15 podcast.


    Would be interesting what the amendments would look like.
    Our continued thanks for your entertaining shows!

  6. Hai~Ren Says:

    Eh, isn’t the description the same as yesterday’s one?

  7. mb Says:

    Sorlee. Blur is moi. Fixed.

  8. Michael Says:

    Ha ha ha . . . very funny !

    The best part was NewSand is recycled shit !
    First we drink our urine (Newater) then we live in flats made of shit! Ha ha ha . . . best ! Can’t stop laughing.

  9. LK Yee Says:

    Oh my gosh… I think I better migrate now, for the sakes of my children , and before the other 2 million invaders step in here. GTG !!!

  10. emigre Says:

    I top up my NewSand account everyday!

  11. Ah Xiong Says:

    Since we are the supplier to the newWhatever, how come we are not charging them har? Hmmmm….

  12. FreddieTan Says:

    Actually very true for my case. My wife used to be a housewife and now have to work.

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