the mrbrown show: gahmen greetings

Dengue Card

Have a Prosperous Year of the Pig But Don’t Litter, and other gahmen greetings.

Podcast iconPodcast: the mrbrown show 21 Feb 2007: gahmen greetings (MP3, file size: 1.4mb, Time: 00:02:46)


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3 Responses to “the mrbrown show: gahmen greetings”

  1. Michael Says:

    Mr Brown,

    today newspaper say that Thailand want to buy back their satelite and iTV cheap. Can u podcast something that can suan those can’t madke it Thai soldier leaders who are obviously either trying to divert attention away from their incompetence or trying to rob our Temasek Holdings. In fact they are robbing our CPF.

    Also what our gahmen doing huh? S$6.1 Billion dollar like that disappear 50% or more . . . can built another IR you know? How come no one Kana sack at Temasek huh? (Temasek should change name to KanaSack) This is treason man!

    You the most impolitical podcast must do something leh . . . Last time we lend Indonesia US$5Billion in 1997 . . . what happen huh? How come no one ask in Parliment one leh? or is it that newspaper cover up? now this Thailand thing . . . Like that go on hoi, our HDB flflat must really use shit (New Sand) to built already.

    Mr Brown, u Singaporean right? so must stand up for Singapore lah.

    Come out with a podcast that pod all the way to Thailand, and review their plot and at the same time ask gahmen to wake up their idea man.

    Looking forward to your podcast.

    Cheers! Michael

  2. Gary Ow Says:

    Hey Brownie,
    “Subtle” is pronounced “suttle”, not “sub-terl”.

  3. abc Says:

    Gary, I think mb knows this. He was playing a character.

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