the mrbrown show: the nose knows

Photo by marcokalmann

Malaysia has a new elite squad of customs officers who have more bite.

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5 Responses to “the mrbrown show: the nose knows”

  1. Jedd the Jedi Says:

    Haha, hilarious sound effects! I say I do a better job, but funny in all. I miss Mr Miyagi’s Malay accent, though.

  2. sing Says:

    Does Malaysian really like to say ‘as a matter in fact’?

  3. Ax Says:

    *bark wow* = malaysian police can talk to dogs huh hahahah

  4. tok kok king Says:

    I tot dog is taboo to them?

  5. MOCHS Says:

    Funny! I just read that these 2 sniffer dogs have just gotten “bodyguards” ‘cos the police are afraid that the pirate syndicates will kill them… Hmm.

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