the mrbrown show: the interview

The Interview
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We must ensure our best leadership talents do not get poached by other companies or even countries in the far future!

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18 Responses to “the mrbrown show: the interview”

  1. WaSei Says:

    Actually i find tat everyone will increase pay but private sector dun.. :(

    more and more talent will jump into govern job. But prob is talent goes into govern sector, will end up being “lazy” and lost all the drive to push Sin economy as in Govern Job, the hardworkn ones will take all the blames and have to work harder. Lazy ones will be “forgetten” and remain lazy.

    When come to increase pay, ppl only increase 4-5% but minister increase 40-50%. Wa Sei.

  2. Why pay more? at Deadpoet’s Cave Says:

    […] Because they might flee if there is no raise. (And there won’t be any worthy replacements. First time I beat Mr. Brown to an idea!) […]

  3. Ax Says:

    LOL MONKEYS!! hahah oh ya now then i realize. the singapore media didnt cover anything about the loss of Shin Corp. its only reported that the thai police sees the deal as illegal and the money could be forfeited.
    now we angered the thais and still lose money.
    how smart…

  4. Together Says:

    Will someone pls organise a protest? This is getting out of hand. I don’t think singapore will survive till the next election, especially when the enemy is from within.

  5. BooBoo Says:

    Is their econmics statistics correct?My vendor and the company i working is not doing well.And there is much a huge raise in our policitian people.Raise of GST,Raise on transport,singapore is going expensive.Middle class people will suffer as the poor.Lack of job opening as more foreign talent taking in engineering line.Companies prefer foreign talent,local find hard to complete,not because not working attitude nor education level,Is the pay local wants.After all,local still use and eat in our country not to mention housing,next gen kids…I still dun think understand y cant they attract people to come in and own blood people who already stay here a pleasant place to stay..IF u ask me will i go out of singapore,if living standard is becoming more difficult maybe if there a chance to go other place using SIN dollar to spend i will,then i apply PR here to work.

  6. sayonara singapore Says:

    I laughed at the start, but somewhere towards the middle of this, I wanted to cry…OMG, what’s happening to Singapore…and Singaporeans…will we ever wake up?

  7. singapore girl Says:

    That was way cool. The Super Supreme Minister sounds exactly like this civil servant from a stat board that I have to deal with in my job - wah lau, damn annoying man! BTW, ever occurred to anyone what Bush would be getting if the U.S. adopted SIngapore’s ministerial pay policy? Two-thirds of what Bill Gates gets!!!

  8. HaHaHa Says:

    To borrow MM’s words, we have been muted lah, protest is illegal. Online one, only…

  9. Mr Yellow Says:

    It is time to “Wake up Wake Up for Singapore!!!” …But well, we all know what will be announced come early April ( Like you said ” We make up our minds already”).. Mr Brown, you forgot to add one more thing in your podcast… able to consecutively win elections democratically while redrawing boundaries/ fixing oppositions, etc etc.. that makes a TRULY impressive CV for that civil servant…

  10. kassim Says:


    my wife told me that her principal told the teachers that they should not compare their salaries (or rankings) to those of their colleagues, because that will make them miserable.

    why are our ministers always comparing (”benchmarking”) their salaries to those of the private sector? if money is what they are after, then they have no business to be in government.

  11. Anonymous Says:

    benchmark the pay?

    benchmark the work and KPI results too please

    benchmark the accountability to shareholders (ie Singaporeans) too please

    benchmark the threat of losing the job to a competitor please

    benchmark the consequences of not doing an excellent job please

    benchmark the investments results too please

  12. No Fear Says:

    Recently just took a look into history of china, the sui danasty. Seems to me, Singapore is very similar currently, during the era of the last emporer of sui. To my belove Singaporean, dont worry, usually only those in power falls. The survival are usually the ppl. It is a matter of only how many ppl dies!!!

  13. Buay Ta Han Says:

    If money is the main bait in attracting talents to the garmen, than I think we are trying to catch the wrong type of fishes. Exactly those that will sway when more $ dangles before them.

    Only passion and conviction to one’s calling in life will make one willing to sacrifice for his/her pursuit. One who will eventually make a difference in his profession.

    I agreed with a well-written article by Catherine Lim on this issue. We need Heartware, not hardware. Already, many are feeling like an employees of the country than citizens. Unless the garmen is ready to listen, you can’t blame the people for being pessimistic about the future.

  14. pissed Says:

    the rich gets richer, the poor gets even poorer.first, its the increase in GST.the poor suffers the most even if they get the highest offset package.the rich gets richer even if they get the lowest or even none of the package.the package is a once a yr thing and by how much can it help the poor?
    second, w/o the less-desirable-jobs like cleaners, would sg be a clean-and-green country?why is there no considerations of increasing their salaries?sg owe it to all of them.
    how much richer do they want to get??

  15. JA Xiao Says:

    I say sporeans deserve what they get. they never learn. why are they complaining when they voted them in power overwhemingly? when the time comes for them to show their power, they chicken out. with so few opposition in parliament, the govt can of course feel that they can stuff anything down yr throat. sporeans feel that they hv no choice because many opposition candidates are not well educated or not qualfied. For me, any one who dares to stand up to the might of the ruling party is qualified. So my dear singaporean, let your voice counts when it matters, at the ballot box during elcetion time.

  16. Illogical Says:

    Politicians are like the rich people, they come and go because they have the means. But it is the middle and lower class people who get stuck in the country and cannot go else where.
    Thank you for rewarding yourself, ministers, so obscently.
    What about restoring the cpf cut for the people!
    We surely going to end up with plenty of yes-men in the country in the future.

  17. r34rb26dett Says:

    malaysia is alot worst then this, singapore is alot better.

  18. TTT Says:

    Great idea!

    Keep up the good work!

    Have fun too!

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