the mrbrown show: swordsman

Photo by 小猫王

An epic battle between legendary pugilists is on! Tune in and find out what happens!

Podcast iconPodcast: the mrbrown show 16 July 2007: swordsman (MP3, file size: 1.7mb, Time: 00:03:30)


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65 Responses to “the mrbrown show: swordsman”

  1. Demented Says:

    Ow pain leh

  2. DOM the Clown Says:

    Dear Mr Brown,



    ps: when the xiao li fei dao tune came in, I laughed until I cry!!!

  3. dunnowho Says:

    haha this is very funni!!

  4. FarNie Says:

    Dear Mr Brown,

    It is so FUNNY…so CREATIVE!!!!xiao li fei dao song…. what’s next…


  5. SQ Says:

    I love you man Mr brown.. You are such a genius…

  6. WCH Says:

    lol.. very funny indeed..

  7. Guinness Says:


    “your grandfather’s army!”


  8. Jaron Says:

    We can always trust Mr. Brown to come out with such a classic podcast.. Very funni!!!

  9. LC Says:

    Your talk today was great!

    Keep up the good work!

  10. FreddieTan Says:

    Heheh…. grandfather… hehewaaahahaha…..

    very creative mrbrown…. cheers..

  11. GameBlogger Says:

    Nice episode… Thumbs up!

  12. mr. brown show : swordman - LOLed | GameBlog Says:

    […] Mr. Brown just released one of the best podcasts ever did - swordman. Basically, this episode focused on an high-profiled issue in the Singapore military and political world that happened just recently. As I had experienced the life of the Singapore military (all guys have to go through this, unless he has some disability), there are things that only the guys can understand fully (especially the songs we sang in Tekong Island). […]

  13. Zhang3feng Says:

    Oh Man! this roxxxx!! hahahahahahaa!!!

  14. stayer staying elsewhere Says:

    lol ! Was that a slap on the wrist he got at the end ? You hit the nail on the head lah Mr Brown ! I especially liked the part “ask you go eat shit , you go eat shit?!” Ow ! that must hurt !!!

  15. miaomiao Says:

    great show man.

    and thanks for using my photo.

  16. OnlyYouuu Says:

    This is no ordinary white horse. It’s the legendary HsiaoLoongMa transformed from Loong3TaiZi.

  17. darren Says:

    xiao li fei dao.. very very funny..

  18. S'porean_in_Canuckland Says:

    Hilariously and really “hit the name on the head”.
    Bagus and chantek…
    Wonder if “Xiao Li”, his families and their supporters are tunning into this ???

    Long Live Mr Brown,
    wan shui wan shui wan wan shui…

  19. xiao wang Says:

    buay tahan, this episode is funny many many

  20. Hendrick Says:

    Best Podcast for 2007!

  21. meepoktah Says:

    That Roman Tam song will never be the same again… think they should consider using it as LHL’s theme song whenever he makes a public appearance!

  22. Intelligent Investor Says:

    What’s the last part in Cantonese? Can anyone interpret?

  23. regular Says:

    i’m a regular too, and i am also in snake clan! ^_^

  24. ray Says:

    haha this has to be the funniest episode yet…

  25. JayWalk Says:

    Bravo!! Bravo!!!

    *standing ovation*

  26. mb Says:

    Intelligent Investor, this is what was said in Cantonese:

    “Small Lee Flying Dagger! I am your CO! Why are you spraying your daggers any old how? Stick out your palm! I beat your palm!”

  27. nod Says:

    woah! long time never so funny liao

  28. Amy Lauschke Says:

    this is truly one of the best podcasts that I’ve ever heard. Good work, Mr Brown.

  29. Fahim Says:

    Mr. Blown, vely farney leh.. I had to listen to it three times to understand it with the help of Mr. Brown’s translation. However what did prince said in the middle of the podcast, I didnt understand. I think I need my friends who served the NS to help me understand this more fully because I was one of those who are allowed to charbot from the NS service as being the first generation PR.

  30. Stoat Says:

    Shame on you Mr Brown. Making fun of Mr Li who has stood up for the rights of us nsmen. I used to think you were something before…but I guess its time to revise my opinion.

  31. dick Says:

    Stoat, u go and eat shit la.

  32. morningside Says:

    Shame on you Mr Brown, how dare you make fun of His Majesty family! You have inflicted pshchological pain to decent people like Stoat, who prabably scored too many As in national education, repent Brown! Hahaha…

  33. joat Says:

    Using Mr Li to satirize and politicize this whole issue is just inappropriate. In my opinion this was dealt with by MinDef in a fair and conclusive manner. On the other hand, good effort in trying to inject humor in an event this is actually not very funny.

  34. DOM the Clown Says:

    To morningside:
    Thanks for the nice side show!

    To stoat & joat:
    Come to
    let all the not so funny samster there fly daggers at you….hehehehe
    they just love to eat pappy ninja turtle stew there! LOL!

  35. dick Says:

    there are too many serious side of singapore.
    pls take it easy and just enjoy the joke la.
    can let down a bit anot? life so tough.

    if you want to be serious, don’t lisent to the podcast of mr. brown la.
    you don’t know what you’ll get meh?

  36. mugger Says:

    The cantonese in the last part means: In loose Singlish

    Xiao li fei dao.
    Why are you so lidat?
    Why are you anyhowly shooting your flying daggers?
    I slap your hand.

  37. DictatorLKY Says:

    Tokongz.. “Its my Grandfather army..!”.. Wahahaha!

  38. deadstar Says:

    Must hand it over to you.. a good job yet again!! Hilarious

  39. Simply Me. Simply Jean. » Blog Archive » ST: Mindef explains its decisions over Li Hongyi affair Says:

    […] Of course besides wanting to know who LTA X is, I am also curious why LTA X did such a stupid thing as AWOL from camp jolly well knowing that the other party is 龙的传人. Sigh… and oh, do go to for a good laugh. […]

  40. Richard Tan Says:

    I just wonder why the Senior Minister comments that the long term worry for Singapore is talent. He should visit this site to see for himself. Anyway, he don’t have to worry if his education policy is successful.

  41. galoisien Says:

    “In my opinion this was dealt with by MinDef in a fair and conclusive manner.”

    What talking you.

    Conclusive my foot ah. Since when conclusive when got scandal one?

  42. Peter Tan Says:

    How i love Mr Brown and Internet ! Way to go dude .

  43. Cafelatte Says:

    haha haha haha… boxer rebellion,red flower society or white lotus sect.

    die laughing……

  44. jon Says:

    damn i so need to be backed by the 9 dragons throne.

    The “xiao li fei dao” was pure classic stuff.

  45. Mk Says:

    Wah… I muz quickly download to enjoy in future… (In case get removed by the imperial censorship board)

  46. Stoat Says:

    Mr Brown, you are no doubt an intelligent man…your sarcasm cuts who you want to cut but it hinders your cause as well. Don’t risk alienating your supporters.

  47. Akaryu Says:


    And for those blaming Mr Brown, this is a joke. You are living too seriously, get a life.

    Anyway we all know in our heart what the outcome of this issue will be, so let us enjoy this as a consolation.

    Good Job Mr Brown, u never disappoint me.

  48. zero Says:

    wah say, i laugh until i peng. “ow, pain leh!”… classic :D

  49. freakelogy Says:


  50. yuene Says:

    Stoat, you’re probably not too different from Lee’s son. You and him have one thing in common: you take things too seriously and you have an over-inflated sense of your own importance. If you’re the type of supporter that MB’s alienating, I say ‘more power to you, mr brown!’

  51. Thanatos Says:

    For all you know , those who are praising the Long Tai Zhi could be the PR machines at work. Stoat, joat, working in there ??? must be tough searching the web to post positive comments ….

  52. Ron Says:

    why use cantonese in the last part…???

  53. Jfk Says:

    wah kaoz…. becoz the song of the ‘xiao li fei dao’ is in can-ton-neice mah….. fai wah…

    mr brown… i lurve u deep deep…. but u better dont do any silly mistakes… the house of the flying daggers are most probably watching your every move…
    if you forgot to pay your conservancy charges, no warning letter to you wan… immediately go court….

    but dont worry. i believe there will be thousands if not millions of your supporters who will help you to write petition….

  54. extremely amused Lucid Ling Says:


    you know how many times I’ve listened to this podcast? I think at least 15 times so far??? and each time, it never fails to make me laugh. heehee. yes, i agree with some of the others that this should be the Best Podcast of 2007!

    did someone in your mrbrownshow team play the background music on a keyboard? from scratch? or did you get the soundtrack from some old Cantonese martial arts movie?

    at first it sounded like a soundtrack taken from elsewhere (cos it sounds really authentic), but after listening to it for about 15 times (or more), I can imagine the keyboardist coming up with the tune and playing it.

    a half-past-six musician who’s always impressed by great musicians,
    Musical Ling *;)

  55. loneranger Says:

    Wahaha… XIAO LEE FEI DA… Some people really need to wake up their F*****G idea before they do anything. Dun SABO!!!!

  56. >ranger Says:

    hahahaz… i haven got to listen to Mr Brown’s comments yet, but i juz wanna comment on stoat and joat… whom i believe are the same person anywayz… -.-” fair and conclusive? u wish… do u know how serious it is to jump the chain of command? do u know how seriously he has implicated the life of someone who is juz trying to live a happy life juz because he doesn’t like wad he’s doing and complaining on such a big scale? How easy do u think life as an officer is? u think too much of yourself stoat/joat… u think that as long as what is right u can do as u please?? true, wtv is right should be done, but in the right channel and not in wtv way u please… grow more maturity before u decide to complain again… zzz

  57. rich4747 Says:

    Don’t worry about stoat/joat, he is probably the same person (most likely typed his name wrongly lor), and most likely a member of the snake clan or he works for the imperial throne.

    LOL, ‘mini dragon prince xiao li’, ‘taiji master’ ’so on the ball for f$%*!’ ‘even the canteen auntie… will get an email of my complain!’

    Cannot use ‘grandfather’s army’ to tekan him lor, cause you are just telling him what he already knows. horo horo.

  58. obito Says:

    when xiao li says “ke wu de jia huo, you scroundrel..” sounds like pierre png. or is it mr miyagi?

  59. GiantValk Says:

    Great podcast.

    Xiao Lee might have done things the right way, he might have done things the wrong way.

    But definitely not the Army way.

    Keep the podcasts coming.

  60. PorkyPork Says:

    I nearly died laughing!!!

    “HUH?! You are THAT Xiao Lee ah?!!!”

    Wah biang…BUAY TAHAN!!!


  61. whimiscal Mich Says:

    right, so i’m a little late.

    “my grandfather’s army”, “xiao li fei dao”, “snake clan” and the unprecedented cantonese string definitely had me in stitches!

    I nearly choked when I heard the retort “i am backed by the nine dragons’ throne” !


  62. Junwei Says:

    funny sia…but ending i don understan

  63. Mr. Fairness Says:

    Let me say something fair.

    1) This is very funny.

    2) It is not good to make fun of others. You won’t feel good will you if you made a mistake and someone make it public and have everyone laughing on you? Easy to say take it easy but if happened on you then how? Just like NYP Tammy’s incident. Can say, don’t be so serious but broadcast can be very scary. Funny for us but not very for the victim.

    3) From what I have known, Xiao Lee has complained to his superiors but they got hackcare attitude and thus complained straight up to Defense Minister. In my point of view, it is not really breaking chain of command (not really doesn’t mean it is NOT) cause he did follow the chain until the superiors are not doing anything and thus need to complain even higher authority but he can complain to CO if OC dun listen and if CO still do nothing, Commander and if Commander of formation do nothing, CDF and finally Defense Minister. I respect his bravery but not his act.

    4) Like broadcasting will ruin his reputation, he should not have broadcast to everyone especially forward it to people not involved. He is not careful in doing what is right which leads to wrong, ruining reputation of others. Thus, you can say he is reaping what he sowed bah… Singapore needs to learn to be merciful I guess… but sad to say, we’re brought up without much mercy in our society.

    5) AWOL is a very serious case. Many complains about NS boring, waste of time but we know for sure it is necessary though we don’t really like to serve but no choice cause we die die have to serve… have to serve lol…. We may say “oh ppl won’t attack us” but the fact is, people will. We are in a good location that makes us a ‘gold mine’ and history have shown that Singapore is not spared from Wars like World War 2.

  64. Mr Unfairness Says:

    Hello Mr Fairness,
    how r ur gd frenz stoat n joat doing…
    how come folks from e imperial mental sanitisation department always type things out in full unlike us who substitute ‘r’ for ‘are’ etc.
    u all r so obvious…shd brush up ur camouflage skills la. didn’t SAF teach u cover n concealment? cannot make it leh…now u r exposed…identified for who u really r…Mr Fair-as-PAP-white.

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    […] Originally Posted by halfhuman Isn’t that the idea in NS too… Then obviously a certain person didn’t get the memo the mrbrown show Blog Archive the mrbrown show: swordsman The Banzai! Effect - The Portal to Our Wonders ( =w=.)/ ( =w=.)/ News, Figurines, Cosplay and more! Come and check us out! See my Figurine Collection here!!! Check out my Figurine Theater and Comics here and here!!! Check my deviantART account here! […]

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