the mrbrown show: bye bye tree

Photo by acroamatic

Say goodbye to the tree at Braddell Road!

Podcast iconPodcast: the mrbrown show 17 July 2007: bye bye tree (MP3, file size: 2mb, Time: 00:04:11)


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12 Responses to “the mrbrown show: bye bye tree”

  1. fynyx Says:

    Hello mrbrown & team.

    The Braddell Road tree may be a good example of why Singaporeans can’t always blame the gahmen for all the bad things that happen.

    Rather, many motorists do not respect nature & love the Braddell tree enough, to voluntarily keep to their lanes & speed limits.

    After all, protecting one’s environment is everyone’s problem, not something that we merely pay a government to resolve.

    And if we feel that the government is simply taking a shortcut by hacking Old Grandfather Tree, then there are even more of us out there speeding & recklessly switching lanes, to save time & for convenience.

    After all, we deserve the government we get.
    If not, we would have changed it sooner or later, no matter the cost.

  2. mrtan Says:

    Chow Tree bye?

  3. Dezzo Says:

    why didn’t they just put a speed camera there to enforce the speed limit?

  4. jayel Says:

    Thank you, Mr Brown & Team for this hilarious recording. The strange thing is after the really good hearty laugh I enjoyed, I felt really sad for the 80 year old tree and even sadder for us. You are right, this “safety precaution” was unnecessarily extreme… or extremely unnecessary.

  5. songster Says:

    I live at Braddell Hill and everyday on the way home I pass that tree. That tree had a huge canopy for a shade and it was nice to have a old piece of nature there. Sadly no everyone thinks the same way…

  6. Mysthic Says:

    It’s actually quite obvious to me that the speed limit thing is an excuse to cover up for whatever real reason it was to cut the tree.

    Remember the time it took to discuss saving the tree 2 years ago?

    It’s just not natural that it takes LTA and National Parks just 5 days between announcement and actually cutting the tree.

    My conspiracy theory is that somebody realised that the tree will somehow obstruct the building of the expressway, but this real reason cannot be offered to the public as it will bring to question why it wasn’t realised in the first place 2 years ago. They spent $200k to ‘preserve’ the tree; now you’re saying it was a mistake and it has to be cut down anyway?!?!?

    My theory may not be the correct one, but it’s obvious to me that there is one.

  7. mee siam insulted Says:

    i miss that tree….

  8. eldarc07 Says:

    After $200K, the tree is still to be blamed… *sigh* then in the first place, do waste that $200K of public fund…
    Hey!!! i just remembered about reading what the AGO said about the stat boards hoarding the funds and LTA is one of the ones that had the highest reserved funds… what, so $10million from rail projects? I bet this must be why they wanted to spend the $200K… Dunno where to spend their allocated public funds…

    Singapore a first world country? Wait long long man…
    We have reckless drivers who have no consideration whatsoever for the safety of others and the gahmen thinks educating them is not the way to go… *sigh*

    Kudos to Mr Brown’s depliction of the future intend of the gahmen.


  9. eldarc07 Says:

    Hey, just remmebered something that is along that road but on the opposite side…

    Not sure if you guys noticed the new columns that were erected for the flyover to miss the thomson junction?

    There is one particular one that just outside Mt Alvernia Hospital, it is also in the middle of the road… the road is also built around it? Are they going to ‘chop’ that one down too? Or are they going to build them one of those concert barriers just extremely close it?

    I bet they would ‘chop’ this $200k tree down for sure… :)


  10. ah Teck Says:

    Got nothing to do with speed…accident will happen due to bad habit of not keeping to lane and irregular lane changing…if one keep to proper lane, that sketch of road can easily take 130km/h.

    This goes to show, what our country do to help those with bad driving habit….sighzzz.

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  12. leinad Says:

    it’s just a precaution…

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