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Is there intelligent life in outer space?

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14 Responses to “the mrbrown show: spacey malaysia”

  1. Dr Chan Says:

    How can say he’s tourist? He did some scientific experiments in space, OK.

  2. Dr Samuel Says:

    No he didn’t. Yes he did! He went to space to drink teh tarik and eat roti canai!

  3. E.T Says:

    Pirated-naunt. Lolx. Selling p-cds in space. But its truly a new historical event for malaysia. But i rmb somewhere it says that the russians initially named the m-astronaunt as something like tourist until a commotion den they change.

  4. DOM the Clown Says:

    Dear Dr Chan,
    Oi! Don’t pray pray hor! The M’sian Apanaut graduated from MIT wan hor!

    ……………Mara Institute of Technologi

    hiak! hiak! hiak!

  5. DOM the Clown Says:

    Dear Dr Samuel,
    The M’sian Apanaut did more than drink teh tarik and eat roti canai lah! He did a very comprehensive test on flipping roti canai in space. This will help the M’sian in developing the most aerodynamic roti canai in the world.

    ……………….I heard our Prataman sob when he heard about this great experiment. He believe Singapore should be sending their own prata flipping…..sorry, I mean research team to space soon…….so people, be prepared to see the GST blasting to the moon soon!

    hiak! hiak! hiak!

  6. Someone Says:

    Apparently the Malaysians have a real talent for being astronauts, since they’re really good at taking up space.

  7. fynyx Says:

    The bit of TV coverage I saw, I got the impression that he was trying to hog the foreground, while the Americans & Russians seemed real chatty behind him, and less interested in the video camera.
    Tourist-y indeed.

    But one thing I’ll give him: he looks suave, and his voice was strong & clear.
    Real poster guy for Malaysia 21.

  8. mee siam insulted Says:

    hey, but malaysia sent someone to space…but we, worldclass singapore hasnt. should we strip our self-imposeded ‘world class’ label? if we sent someone to space, wat will we name him?

  9. Markieoo Says:

    what is the number 1 naut? i cant understand it.

  10. jy Says:

    haha, no offence, this is the truly Singapore Kiasu Spirit, wait till you have the 1st Singapore astronaut/tourist

  11. wan cheng huat Says:

    hahahaha… tourist..

  12. bolehornaut « BERITA HAIRAN @ KMPNGDSN Says:

    […] at least dia bukan tourist. […]

  13. Massy Says:

    This is really funny. What will Malaysian get out of the research with roti canai in space? The millions of money spent just to bring him up there cld have been put to better research or use, seriously.

  14. Calvin Says:

    they should name the Malaysian space tourist:


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