the mrbrown show: ultra minister

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Everything’s being computerized nowadays…even our ministers!

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16 Responses to “the mrbrown show: ultra minister”

  1. hengyu Says:

    Ultimate? More like corruption.

    “What is the problem you see?”
    “It’s not that simple, we’ve got to look at the bigger picture.”


  2. Ahaa Says:

    That sounds like LKY. Omg. I’d rather have tamagotchi for ministers. At least they don’t give crap responses.

  3. DOM the Clown Says:

    Dear Mr Brown,

  4. Ex-NSmen Says:


    Real funny! Thank goodness our technology is not that advance to allow someone’s brain to live to eternity. Must thank my lucky star for that!

  5. Akaryu Says:

    Mr Brown u forgot to add 1 more standard answer:

    “HLBR!!!!! Arrggg!!!!”

  6. N Says:

    This reflects the growing perception that our minsters have gone too rational perhaps, liberated from the hassles of emotions…

    They too seem to have gone out of touch with the lives of the commons.

  7. Kai Says:

    Haha… Good job!! Can add in “Remember the Hock Lee bus riots!!” also

  8. Wynx Says:

    It is not that simple! I simply love this! Solid as it is.

  9. sswa Says:

    i like it. i like it. it’s not so simple………..

  10. HaHaHa Says:

    Wow, telling it like it is! Thanks. How much do the robots cost? 2+ million per annum, excluding yearly bonus and pension?

  11. Deceased Says:

    Hahahaha….standard ISQ 2000 replies…

  12. James Chia Says:

    Remember the Hock Lee Bus Riots! Remember the Hock Lee Bus Riots!

  13. HengCK Says:

    Its so damm funny … It just so typical of Singapore … Bigger Picture?? I think we are being treated as outcast despite us being Singaporeans … lolx

  14. adeline Says:


    EXCELLENT JOB. It is not that simple to come up with an
    excellent production!

    So, we now have to become ultra-citizens lor!
    but really…
    Not that simple leh.

  15. Ming Says:

    Hahaha… You forgot, Sorry also must explain why?, It’s an honest mistake., Let’s move on.,

    But you’ve got to look at the bigger picture and What is the problem you see is really damn funny. I like it when they say what is the problem you see., Goes to show how blind they are, everybody can see but they cannot see cos they too elite liao.

  16. JT Says:

    lol. this is really good.
    i want to say the same thing ‘it’s not that simple’ when it comes to voicing opinion here in this country and my uni professors are saying ’singaporeans student’s speak too little’

    ya, it’s just not that simple, my dear prof

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